23rd April 2014 – Plymouth B-Bar, Craig Campbell (Thrilling Mic Hunt) and Steve Bowditch in support.

The Canadevonian

It was close to a sell out show upstairs at the B-Bar as we got our drinks and nipped into the comfy second row theatre seats (the front ones were an extra row of hard seats put in to take up the extra bodies and my back didn’t fancy the lack of support).

Pleasantly surprised to find Craig had a support act, we were soon being entertained by the marvellously surreal Steve Bowditch. Claiming Plymouth heritage (“The name Bowditch is local”) this wild-haired lookalike cross between Eric Idle and Ken Dodd (what??) strummed his dinky guitar and gave us poetry, songs, balloon modelling and his own very individual views and observations on life. We liked him very much but we weren’t sure how many of the audience “got” his style of humour…horses for courses and each to his own then.

Into an interval and onto Craig and his wickedly titled “Thrilling Mic Hunt”. Campbell is a natural born story teller. He strides around the stage in a long sleeved t-shirt, knee length shorts and barefoot style running shoes, untameable blonde mane of hair flying as he moves and even though most of his face is hidden behind beard, Craig is no shrinking violet. He exudes energy out of every pore and tires me out just sitting in my seat watching him.

He lives fairly locally just inside the Devon side of the Devon/Somerset border and amused us with his views on Taunton town, its banks and how difficult it is to cancel a business credit card in person, especially when you can’t get a mobile phone signal and you’re being passed from pillar to post. We’ve all been there with bureaucracy but Craig can make the mundane seem hilarious no matter the subject!

This guy is no stranger to travelling either; a lot of the show is based on his journeys around the world and his plane hopping. Talking to various audience members he showed that he was very familiar with global flight and international airports. We were shown a badly mended finger that he’d damaged abroad when a boulder fell on it on one of his climbing adventures. Back at home he is not safe either and there was much hilarity around electric fences and easily damaged delicate body parts.

One thing’s for sure, Dave and I have seen him five times now and have been highly satisfied with the show everytime. Come back Mr Campbell, Plymouth isn’t finished with you yet!


Dave: Anagrams: Craig Campbell – Cablegram Clip, Steve Bowditch – Debt Ethics Vow


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