26th April 2014, Falmouth Poly. Seann Walsh – The Lie-in King, with support from Romesh Ranganathan

Seann – No Yawn, Romesh – so fresh!

Falmouth Poly is a three hour round drive for us, so we don’t go down there unless it’s someone we consider worth seeing who is performing and in this case it was two someones. As this was a very late booking for us, and the venue was all sold out apart from two seats, we already knew that we were going to be sitting separately. We found ourselves about ten rows apart with Dave in the second row and me up the back. Not that I minded as the seats are well tiered and I had a good view!

First off, we had Romesh, seen by us twice in Edinburgh last year in his solo show and as part of a late show elsewhere. Romesh told us that we had to have a brown face in the gig because Seann had been accused of racism recently! Romesh is vegan and tells us about how hard that is, especially when invited out to dinner parties. Being veggie/vegan myself, I feel his pain (and we had a short chat later on how horrible vegan cheese is!). Romesh is a family man and had some very sharp observations on life with his children and wife which sparked recognition with the audience.

A lovely little piece about other people’s kids being out of control and of how he got his own back on one particular youngster with a well aimed sentence in front of their parents had roars of approval and soon we were into the interval in which Dave came up the stairs to tell me that he had an empty seat right next to him as someone hadn’t turned up, and so I quickly relocated myself a bit nearer to the stage.

Into the second half and Seann Walsh came on stage after a bit of pretend fumbling around behind the curtains to some banter between himself and Romesh. We started off with a brilliant piece regarding the way that professional footballers’ skills are ripped to shreds on sports analysis shows and how this would sound if applied to everyday people’s jobs. “Look at the way he stacked those shelves today in T***O, it was SHIT! And his till skills were none existant!”

Seann’s act has a bit of everything. Not content with static stand-up and basic observational material, we had acting out of apathy including much stretching from pretend sofas for pretend dvd remotes, story telling, slow motion replays and general antics! There was also audience interaction, including some male banter with a young, very cool, lad near the front. Skits around his visiting of the 24/7 shop across the road from him which he visits at all times of day in all stages of sobriety from stone cold sober to barely standing were especially funny.

Walsh is an accomplished comedian and story teller, leading us through his show so fluidly that the evening was gone before we knew it. He went off to applause then came back on quickly to shoot a few ideas past us for his next show. Seann has recently set up home with his girlfriend so we had his take on the mismatch of sleeping styles, he a night owl never up in daylight if he has a choice, her very much a morning person. There were also comparisons between his idea of housekeeping and hers…needless to say, they don’t match either!

Hopefully we’ll catch the finished version of all of this trialled material at some point in the future because we’d like to see Seann again and that’s a date Mr Walsh!



Dave: We should see both at Edinburgh as part of the world record attempt, as we understand both are at the Pleasance.

Anagrams: Seann Walsh – Welsh Naans, Romesh Ranganathan – Treason = Hangman, Rah!


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