17th May 2014 – Bristol Colston Hall Lantern

A long run up to Bristol to the Colston Hall for this one. It was a beautifully hot day and equally lovely evening and as we sat in the upstairs space by the huge plate glass windows with a drink, waiting to go into the room, multi coloured hot air balloons were drifting slowly past outside in the still evening air.

Soon  we were sitting down in the front row of the Lantern, with a healthy crowd behind us, despite there being another show on in the venue – Jack Dee et al with I Haven’t A Clue. The audience for that show seemed to have a specific age range – a fact that was pointed out several times by the outrageous David Morgan, our MC for the night, once he arrived on stage.

The unambiguous David, with quiff coiffed even higher than the last time we saw him, has smart observational and acerbic comments on a range of subjects, topping his first appearance with his tips on being a “wing man” to his regrettably (for him) straight friend. We were wishing we had sat a little further back as David noticed us holding hands (what can I say? We are old romantics) and asked us where we had met. No more to be said on that subject but we were soon to be the focus of the next act’s attention as well. We really should know better! David is at Edinburgh at Underbelly at 5:30 from 30th July to 24th August.

Then David introduced us to Andrew Ryan. With his soft Southern Irish brogue (from Cork) Andrew was an excellent new face to us. Admitting to not drinking at all, Andrew had lots of material about being Irish, demonstrated the difference between the Southern and Northern Irish accents (same script but one is reassuring and one is not) and then made the mistake of asking if anyone was going to the Edinburgh Fringe. Safe to say we are now not his favourite people but he did have a laugh at what was a very unintentional “heckle”. We WOULD like to see more of Andrew’s material, unfortunately our stuffed Edinburgh schedule isn’t going to make this an easy task. See him at the Gilded Balloon 30th July – 24th August at 8pm.

Into a break and then David was back to bring on our headliner, Scottish born, raised in Yorkshire, Alun Cochrane. With a humour so dry nobody should light a match near him, Alun soon had us all in uproar. He tells hilarious stories about life generally, hangovers, and the ones about his partner and family stood out. He’s a long running and one of the most respected comics on the circuit and is currently appearing on television with Trying Again on Sky Living.

Alun is at The Stand in Edinburgh from 30th July till 24th August (not Monday 11th) 10.10-11.10pm. If you’re up there, go and see him – you won’t regret it.



David and Alun (Andrew had already left)


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