31st May 2014, Lytehouse, Brixham

Bobby Freeman, Lewis Schaffer, Winter Foenander, Rick Murtagh, and Matt Price

On, Off and ON again at the Lytehouse

Our expected Sunday night at Exeter having been cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, we decided to try and fit in an extra night at the Lytehouse which is usually a full house. Luckily on phoning they still had three tickets left and we quickly booked up two of them.

We had gone for the food option so dinner was included and lovely fish it was too. Chocolate and raspberry brownie and carrot cake puddings were soon seen off and full up we sat back and waited for the show to start.

Our MC for the night Bobby Freeman was not unfamiliar to us. Very good in his warm-up role, confident as an old pro, Bobby soon had the punters divided up into three teams to outshout each other in welcoming on the acts. One poor lady had been denoted Team Three all on her own, having to yell out “I’m greased up and ready to go!” every time she was instructed.

Soon she was yelling on cue and so we were introduced, at long last, to Lewis Schaffer. I say at long last because we have been flyered more than once by Lewis at the Edinburgh Festival and seen him advertising shows at Exmouth under the Free Until Famous tagline but until now had never been in his audience.

Lewis comes across as an outrageous car crash of an act but funny for all that. Making eyes and suggestive remarks to the three ladies (including Team Three) sat at the front he had digs for several of the audience. Looking dapper in his George Clooney silver fox hairstyle and evening suit, Lewis comes across as the world weary (and weary of the UK especially) New Yorker. He is distinctly unimpressed by us Brits and is not afraid to tell us so. One wonders why he stays and doesn’t go back to New Yoick!

Despite all of his cynicism Lewis has some wonderful lines on his original naivete around the separate parts of the UK (the Welsh were just English people who could sing) until he was told in quite definite terms about his faux pas. Not sure what to expect at first I had warmed quite a bit to Lewis by the end of his twenty minutes and think we really should have caught his show in Edinburgh! This year he is doing Heroes at the Hive at 7.45pm. Catch him if you can!

Into a break and then our middle section beginning with Winter Foenander. A nice enough lad from West Cork, Winter is still learning his craft and didn’t seem very confident, gaining few laughs from the punters, but unfortunately he was following Schaffer who had gone down very well.

After Winter we had Rick Murtagh who had a more confident and slightly ranty style which brought a warmer reaction from the room. Still young, Rick has plenty of time to develop his act and material and find his niche.

Our obligatory second break in this line-up and then our headliner Matt Price. From yesterday’s write-up any reader of this blog knows that I think Matt Price is a wonderfully warm story teller and comedian but you’ll only appreciate it if you go and see him for  yourself. On this occasion, suffering from a back injury and on strong painkillers Matt stuck with the tried and tested material which drew appreciative noises from the crowd and had many of them guffawing, us included. Matt is the safest pair of hands a promotor can put on as a headline act and never sells his punters short.

Remember to catch him in Edinburgh – Counting House Loft – 5:45pm.




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