4th June 2014 – Plymouth B-Bar

Pete Dobbing, Johnny Kats, Wayne Beese, Tim Clark

B-Brilliance at the B-Bar

The B-Bar was almost full when we arrived although we had turned up in plenty of time. Everyone seemed to be eating and we lost no time in getting our food order in and drinks bought,  (the B-Bar does a lovely selection of Thai noodle dishes and specials) and settled ourselves in two of the few seats left with decent backs to them, right on the front row! We weren’t too worried about being picked on – Pete the MC is well known to us from previous shows, last seen in Machynlleth at the beginning of May organising the brilliant train gig amongst others.

Pete came on to an almost full house and did his best to get the few punters still hogging the bar area to come and sit down – in the end three ladies came and sat on some of the remaining seats at the front.

There was plenty of good banter with the audience, Pete is an accomplished and experienced MC and can work a comedy audience as well as any. There was plenty of comedy gold to be found in Cheryl the Sharer in the back row. His clever material around cheap Casio digital watches went down well (with a few taking their time to “get it”). Good observational comedy and if you want to catch Pete in Edinburgh at the Festival he will be at the Kilderkin, 67 Canongate at 8.45pm.

Our first opening act, Johnny Kats, seen by us before at the late lamented Leaping Salmon, is an Australian comic who has lived in London for around five or six years. Johnny leapt straight in with some slightly risque material, apologising for his honesty, but he barely needed to – the punters were lapping it up.

He then went onto a story about disturbing his girlfriend with his nocturnal noises, demonstrated his snoring and his girlfriend’s reactions, which had myself and most of the other snorers’ suffering partners in the audience in hysterics. It’s not often a comedian will come up with new material which has me unable to breathe and holding my aching ribs while the tears are rolling down my face but Johnny nailed it. There’s a whole lot more around that story and other material too but I’m not giving it all away. Kats told us later that he IS in Edinburgh doing a show around quantum physics – watch out for him if you are up there. We’re not sure where and when – I’ve looked but the Internet is keeping it a secret!

Into a break and then Pete brought on our second act, Wayne Beese. Wayne had a deadpan delivery, and despite appearances to the contrary, reckons he’s a happy man. His Dudley accent and his face tell a different story, while his wee brother Raymond reckons he’s the better comic. The word suicide was mentioned several times!! We liked Beese and hope to see him again with a longer spot.

Our second break came and went and soon it was time for our headliner, Tim Clark. Tim is another act that we have seen before but not for a long time. He has a set based around the more mature man’s views on life. Observational material based around how couples put on false fronts to their friends at dinner parties after rowing went down well, also stories about his wife and family had the audience in the palm of his hand. Tim’s material is solid and well honed – a well travelled and experienced comic.

This was one of those nights with no low points that I could see. Sometimes the middle act takes the energy of the room down but with Wayne Beese holding up well and Dobbing in control as MC the comic ride was a rollercoaster all the way.


Johnny Kats, Pete Dobbing, Tim Clark


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