18th June 2014 – Polperro Village Hall

Matt Price and Pat Monahan

Mix a classically gorgeous Cornish fishing village with a quaint village hall (with bar thankfully), an arts festival, enthusiastic organisers, lovely locals, two top class comedians with their own very distinctive styles and large dollop of romance at the end. Result = a highly enjoyable comedy night which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

A thirty-five minute trip down to the beautiful but slightly off the beaten track Polperro saw us parking up (muttering dark words at the extortionate parking charges, especially for after 6pm) and wandering past the fabulously named Crumplehorn Inn (nice looking menu, but we are on an economy drive for Edinburgh) to the aforementioned village hall where we thought we could pick up our tickets before finding a cheap dinner somewhere. The right hand door of two entrances was open so we toddled in to ask the couple of people there if this was where the comedy was and had the slightly bemused answer that yes, it was the right building, but this was this was where the Zumba class was going to be kicking off shortly…we needed to be next door and that one was still firmly closed.

So off we went, way, way down to the bottom by the tiny but beautifully formed harbour where we waited for a half hour in the queue to order our takeaway. Not saying who this business belonged to, but this was a quiet evening – what’s it like when they’re busy??

Anyway, no more complaining. Dinner eaten, we made our way back up the hill to the venue and still finding that we were amongst the first, got ourselve a drink and waited for it to fill up. We were quite happy settled in the second row.

Soon enough the comedians arrived, more punters poured in the door and in the end we had quite a respectable number, especially given that there was a large marquee down in the village with a male voice choir about to get underway as well.

Judith our organiser, announced Matt Price and the evening was underway proper. Matt, working from the floor just in front of the fairly low staging, had plenty of banter, riffing off the crowd and doing his best to get past the brick wall that was Steve in the row in front of us. He really wasn’t giving anything away, blood and stone came to mind. Matt was using a lot of the material that we know well, but also mixing it up well with the front few rows. Ted across the aisle from us let it be known that he owned a local gift shop – one we’d spotted on our way down to the harbour earlier – and was soon being quizzed about whether he sold fridge magnets. Which he admitted he did – as did half the audience, all of them seeming to own one business or other. Having ascertained that Ted would take him down during the break for a magnet to take home, Matt wound up his act with his fab piece on Broadmoor and … no, I’m not going to spoil it. You’ll have to catch him doing his club set for yourself.

Remember Matt’s going to be in Edinburgh, The Counting House with The Maryhill Dinosaur at 5.45pm.
Matt 'The Magnet' Price

Matt ‘The Magnet’ Price
An interval followed, time to top up drinks, speak to other punters, and accidentally go to the gents loos instead of the ladies (Whoops! This is what happens when I go to unfamiliar venues and someone gives me directions to the wrong toilets and they’re empty when I go in so I don’t spot my mistake!). Thankfully they were empty on exit – especially the row of three urinals staring me in the face!

Time for Pat Monahan and his Edinburgh preview material. How much of the preview material we were going to hear was anybody’s guess as if you’ve read this blog before, or seen Pat for yourself, you will know that he can do a whole show and never actually get to any material as he spends so much time talking to the punters! He is a natural, warm comedian who most audiences lap up.

Pat started with his dancing Bollywood music and managed to get Ted’s daughter’s boyfriend to come up and be his dancing partner.

Into a bit of off the cuff material about his journey down to Polperro, by way of the train to Liskeard (“is that a real place?? I had to go through a tunnel for the branch train to Looe”) and his journey from there by taxi after three phone calls at the taxi call phone box.

On this occasion, I clocked thirty minutes more of audience interaction before we got underway with anything taken from his notes. There were points on technology, mobile phones (Ted has a landline with a long lead!) and plenty of time for friendly mickey taking regarding the lack of modern technological devices in the village.

Pat was having a lovely time pointing out that a lot of what he was going to talk about in Edinburgh (Gilded Balloon, 8pm) was just not working because nothing was relevant to Polperro but that just made things funnier. There were also several pull backs of the curtain covering a window to check that it wasn’t too dark outside for anyone to get home (you had to be there).

The topping on Pat’s comedy cake this time was at the end. He brought Jude the organiser back on stage for everyone to thank her for the fab evening and then, having elicited that she had had a boyfriend for nine years, asked her if it wasn’t about time that said boyfriend proposed. No sooner was this uttered, when her boyfriend Tristan  legged it up the centre aisle, bounded on stage and, to a huge cheer from the audience got down on one knee to pop the question! Of course Jude accepted and there really wasn’t a dry eye in the house. What an end to an excellent evening.

I think we’re all invited to the wedding!


Pat Monahan, Carole, Matt Price

Pat, Carole and Matt


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