29th June 2014 – Zafiro’s. Harriet Dyer, Steve Day and Damien Clark

Edinburgh comes to Truro.

A Sunday evening trip down to Truro for Harriet’s regular evening (regular being – whenever it happens, according to Harriet) and we had company in the shape of a work colleague of Dave’s who lives locally to Truro.

The gig was to put on Steve and Damien’s Edinburgh previews with Harriet MCing. We were there in plenty of time soon had the beer in (four young lads behind the bar seem to have come out of the Truro School of Buff Barmen) and settled ourselves in the lovely squashy sofas making up the front row.

Harriet was soon well into her warm-up and seemed even scattier than usual. The room wasn’t as busy as we’ve seen it but it was a lovely evening outside and I guess maybe people didn’t want to be shut in a bar when they could be at the beach or bbq-ing. Harriet reminded us that these WERE previews and works in progress so there might be some referral to notes etc; nobody seemed fazed at this warning. It’s quite nice to see comedians honing their material and discarding what doesn’t work.

Steve Day Faces The Deaf Sentence is the confusingly named title of Steve Day’s Edinburgh show, until you realise that Steve is “Britain’s Only Deaf Comedian”. Born hearing, but becoming deaf as a teenager, Steve speaks normally and has no trouble getting his material over. While the opening lines were around his disability and his parity with other disabled comedians, Steve was soon onto the main part of his story, which was around a burglary and the police’s reaction to the burglary, to him, and the subsequent court case. With just another few weeks till the Festival kicks off, Steve has pretty much got his story in the bag and we hope he does well with it. See him at The Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters, 139 Cowgate, 4-5pm. Free entry.

Our interval soon shot by and it was time for more beer from the buff barmen, then a few minutes more of dotty Dyer complete with a stuffed bird in a Tupperware container and then Damien Clark was bouncing onto the stage space.

Last seen by us two years ago at Annabel’s, Damo’s show started off with some self deprecating stuff around wearing a peaked cap on stage, then whipping his hat off “because this is what I look like without it”  and includes stories around his relationship with his girlfriend who is Irish. He’s a very confident Aussie comic who’s a natural story teller and the audience were lapping up his Australian accent and material. Referring to notes a few times, but not often, Damo’s show, like Day’s, seems more or less the finished product. Well worth his Edinburgh ticket price, go see him if you can! (Dave: Speaking to Damo afterwards – he reckons there is about 20 minutes of the material tonight that will make the final show)

“Go Ahead, Make My Damo”, Damien Clark is at the Gilded Balloon, Teviot Row House, 9.15pm



Dave: Zafiro’s also has a bonus night on 23rd July with free entry. Harriet will be previewing her full Edinburgh show ‘Barking at Aeroplanes’ with support from Lou Conran and Will Duggan.


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