7th July 2014 – Mondo Monday – Jill Craigie Cinema, Plymouth University

A night of two Edinburgh Previews:

Mark Simmons – Mr


This was the first time I had seen Mark. He is a punster, a form of the comedy art which people tend to love or hate. I for one am a fan, whereas Carole is not. She was having a night off from seven shows in eight days so I don’t know what she would have thought of Mark.

The title itself is a delicious little joke though, as he says, one that leaves his show with one of the least catchy titles at Edinburgh this year. You will have to see the show to get that joke.

Mark has a wonderful delivery, very understated, and the timing is perfect and often he leaves a pause for the more slow-witted audience members to catch up. Probably just me, but I could see a bit of Josh Widdicombe in him, or a bit of him in Josh delivery wise.

He has a bit more than the one-liners, with a couple of good running gags going on, one with a bit of audience interaction, and the other delivering lead-ins to jokes yet to be written.

I really enjoyed him and was glad I caught his show here, as there is no way of me fitting it into my Edinburgh schedule (8pm – Just the Tonic at the Mash House). Though according to the schedule we should both catch him again at the Best of Edinburgh Showcase Show on 22nd August.

Danny Ward – Infra Dig

Vox Populi
Carole and I have seen Danny many times, and he has never failed to deliver. His Edinburgh show in 2013, ‘Pressure Point’ wove a beautiful tapestry. We were also at the Amused Moose final where the audience, defying the judges decision to award their prize to Al Lubel, overwhelmingly voting Danny the winner that day. He was undeniably the voice of the people then.
This follow up contains some of the themes of the first, with lots of digs at his own life and misfortunes and things ‘beneath him’.
This is also a show that is heavily about Karma. The beautiful ranty monologues are still there, but he is more powerful and oozing with confidence. And the show builds to a silly but fantastic climax via his bad back, dating and worms.
It is another winner and if there is any justice will elevate Plymouth’s finest to national stardom. (Pleasance Bunker One – 4:35pm).

Nulli Secundus.

Dave. (I did take a lovely picture of Danny and Mark in front of an amazing one off poster for this gig, which Danny gave to me, but my camera batteries ran out while I was transferring it to my computer and it got corrupted)


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