8th July – Exeter Bikeshed – Felicity Ward – The Iceberg

This was our first trip to the Bikeshed for quite a while, and with twenty Edinburgh previews on over a month it has been pretty hard to stop ourselves making the 100 mile round trip to take even more in. Thankfully, the majority of the shows on offer are already in the Edinburgh schedule, plus a couple more we had already seen in previews in Machynlleth in May. It is a cracking line-up but a very long trip for just one preview, when most places are offering a couple on the same bill. We wish they had done the same here.

We arrived to a fairly funereal atmosphere with the place virtually empty and a play on before the comedy could take place. I took the opportunity to go and have a quick chat with Felicity and get her to sign the Secret Edinburgh Book we have been collecting autographs in since the start of the year. She appears on three separate pages.

We all had to wait a bit longer than the proposed start time as the play overran so it was close to 9:30 before the gig got going. It was well worth the wait. The show was already well honed having been on display in Felicity’s native Australia earlier in the year, so the work in progress was largely to tailor it to a different culture. She has been a bit unfortunate too in just having lost a whole mass of notes from her I-phone. The intro and ending of the show have to be explained as she did not bring her keyboard on the long train journey, but this is not a criticism. There is nothing to criticise here, this was a top quality performance from an artist at the top of her game.

The basic idea is that like an iceberg, there is a lot more going on under the surface. There is a section on sport, highlighting her love of cricket. Her pokes at blokes are great. And there is a host of beautiful wordplay. I particularly enjoyed what could have been a bit of a heavy section on politics, attacking the Australian PM. All in all a great show with no lulls, and for those who go see it in Edinburgh, a beautiful finale.

If I could fit into the Edinburgh schedule which has been fixed for some time, I would gladly see this show again in its full glory. Well worth the long trip up and back and another late night. A lovely person and a lovely show.

Go catch it at Underbelly 30th Jul – 25th Aug 2014 9:25pm  and I am sure Felicity will appreciate it if you take a watermelon hat with you!

And I was very pleased with my anagram for her – FIERY WILDCAT.


Felicity Ward

Felicity Ward




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