Edinburgh Fringe Festival Record Attempt – Day 2

Fantastic start again with the second menu of plays at the Bite Size Breakfast Show. As funny as any standup. Then a bite of lunch before Carole joined me a day at the Jack Dome.

Firstly The Hive a vision of a post apocalyptic world, where peace and logic abound. A well crafted piece but a bit bleak and with no real message of hope at the end.

Next, Lorraine & Alan, a tale of the sea and love. A beautiful show  and our pick of the day.

Then Travesti, where men played women and spoke with real womens’ views on life. Powerful and beautifully done.

Final play of the day Broke, a mockumentary around the financial crisis. Broken Britain is the scene, and it doesn’t seem to matter which class you are in with people being encouraged to spend more than they earn, no matter HOW much they earn.

Economics is not an easy subject to explain but this company got enough across that it would seem we are mostly all screwed and our children and their children will be paying for our previous and current governments’ borrowing. Bleak and uncompromising with no light at the end of the monetary tunnel.

Dan Nightingale’s show was next and this one is a class act. Dan told us about his new girlfriend and his family. A socialist originally, Dan has decided it was just that he had never been anywhere nice enough, and much prefers Chelsea to do his jogging. He has theories around classes of looks and intelligence when it comes to matching up life partners which makes a lot of sense. Mismatches are usually for a VERY GOOD REASON on one side of the partnership only.

Next up Lloyd Langford with Old Fashioned. Lloyd’s an anti-royalist and not afraid to tell us about it. After all, just WHY should the Queen have a big gold crown and two birthdays? Lloyd has just about the most laidback style possible – and a childlike quaity in his delivery that never fails to charm.

With the venue getting hotter with every performance – it was always going to be difficult for such a physical act such as Mat Ricardo. Add to that the fact that, as a juggler, he was going to struggle with a low ceiling and very expensive, overhanging lights, conditions weren’t exactly ideal. However Mat coped really well and his performance teamed a very capable juggling act with suspense, a juggling history lesson and at least one act of shock horror. Well played sir!!

Next in the schedule was The Comedy Reserve – a four act show featuring Evelyn Mok in the role of MC with Chris Betts, Phil Jerrod and Brennan Reece alongside. Phil Jerrod, with his fabulous ranty “white middle class male” style was the winner for us on the day, but there were no losers here.

It was now getting towards the end of the evening with just two more gigs to go, but no chance of a quiet wind down here. Suddenly the sound and visual techies had some work to do as we headed into Andrew O’Neill’s History of Heavy Metal. Andrew came bouncing into the space, long haired, tattooed, fingers flying over his electric guitar strings much to the delight of the metal fans in the audience. Even for a non classic metal fan like myself, (Dave was though!) it was interesting, funny and relevant enough to keep me engaged for the full hour. Full of references both visual and musical for the devoted, this is a must see for the metal faithful.

Last show of the day was John Conway Tonight. Dave and I were split over this one, as were the rest of the audience. John Conway plays a spoof Australian TV presenter, a fact not appreciated by some of our audience who had to have it explained to them (awkward). For myself I “get” the concept, but it’s not my sort of thing; Dave however was finding it hilarious and John was certainly working hard with very little return for his effort. I’ve said it before – it’s horses for courses and John has had rave reviews in Australia for this show – so  hopefully Edinburgh will come around too.

And so to bed.



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