5th August – Day 7

Carole had a day off to go and visit family so it is left to me (Dave) to blog, see shows and get all the witness statements myself. So with 12 shows seen today, I am going to make this very short and, hopefully, sweet.

Firstly it is worth pointing out that I did 10 shows at Pleasance Below today and the venue manager, Alice, really looked after me and got the witness statements done. It freed me up to be able to use the 15 minute gap between shows to go to the loo and get some food! 

Show one was Musical Mornings With Mil’s Trills a childrens show for the very young. I thought this was a charming little show to introduce kids to music, and it also has a daily guest musician, today Ian with a trumpet.

Show two – Mildred and The Midnight City. Quite simply my favourite childens show so far.

Show three – Government Inspector. An interpretation of a classic play with several modern refernces. Not really my thing, but beautifully done.

Show Four – Show Off. A very surreal but wonderful piece about ‘social media & narcissism’ (their words).  I realy enjoyed this show.

Show Five – The Sleeping Trees Treeology. A three person interpretation of Treasure Island today, but they have two other shows they are rotating. It reminded me a lot of Max & Ivan, who I am very sad aren’t at the Fringe this year. Up to this point my favourite show of the Fringe so far.

Show Six – Rhys James – Begins. A very assured debut show from a very confident and talented young man. Very good indeed.

Show Seven – Sketch Madness from Massive Dad. Three astonishingly talented women. One of my favourite sketch shows  I have ever seen atthe fringe.

Show Eight – Lee Griffiths – Post Traumatic Sketch Disorder. An interesting show about Lees character and family. More self therapy than anything, but very enjoyable.

Show Nine – Igor Meerson – Hou I Lernt Inglish. I expected this to be and ordeal and that I would hate it. Butit as very good. Iam happy to have beenproved wrong.

Show Ten – Beth Vyse: Get Up With Hands. Absolute character comedy lunacy. It would have been the funniest thing I had seen this year. But I missed quite a bit of the show being a part of it. I hope I didn’t look toomuch of a tit, I was wearing a big pair of false tits for most of the show. An absoute must see show.

Show Eleven – Suns Of Fred – Excited. Good musical fun from the Aussie trio. Though very weak show and very cheesy, in the context of the shows that preceeded it today.

Finally a trip to Free Sisters to see Sam Larner only to find it not on anywhere though it is still in the program. An emergency revision of plans saw me at the Counting House for…

Show Twelve – Mr Harris. Very surreal but likeable show from Ben Harris,a writer for several BBC comedy shows.

And so to bed. After day 7. 80 shows completed by me and 58 by Carole.. 






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