Day 20 at the Fringe – 18th August 2014

Thanks to YET AGAIN spending a couple of hours typing up the blog, only to YET AGAIN click and close the WRONG TAB on my Internet Browser (WILL I NEVER LEARN TO SAVE TO DRAFT BEFORE I START????) I have lost everything I blogged tonight and need to start again.

Sorry, but it’s been an emotionally draining day and I think a complete retype including all the links I painstakingly researched, is just not going to happen. All I’m going to say is that we had some sad news from down home in Cornwall around a much loved family pet, had to make the toughest decision, and it’s taken the edge off of the excitement of the record attempt – to put it mildly.

So, this second attempt at the blog is only going to list what each of us saw with a couple of brief words and point to the highlight of the day for each of us. It is 4.12 am and I am very tired.

We both saw:

Pleasance Courtyard Above:

Decomposed: My Brother is Turning into a Zombie – musical, good, loads of kids.

Gilded Balloon Turret – Abi Roberts’ Musical CID – guest Al Murray! Singalong at the end!

Pleasance Dome, King Dome – Wireless Theatre Presents Couples Who Changed the World – live recording. Focussed on Punch and Judy. Historically interesting.

Ciao Roma, Free Fringe. Short N Curly: Whodunnit? Great stuff from this duo – go see!

Counting House – Adventures on Air. Stories about ex radio DJ James Cook. An insight into commercial radio.

Counting House – Matt Price, The Maryhill Dinosaur. Excellent funny story telling. Matt at his best. Highly recommended.

The Dave saw on his own:

Counting House – The Irrational Fear of Rillettes, Harriet Kemsley telling stories from her younger life. Lovely.

Pleasance Dome, Jack Dome – Cariad and Paul – a two player adventure. Improv sketch.

Meanwhile I saw on my own:

The Hive, Niddry St – David Mills – clever, sharp, cut you with his honed verbal knife. Go see!

Cabaret Voltaire – The Incredible Paul F Taylor. Manic and original antics – another go see!

Dave and I then re-united to see Sketch Transfer Deadline Day at the PC Forth but they were running overtime so we had to regretfully drop it or we’d miss our scheduled midnight show and we grabbed a taxi up to The Gilded Balloon for the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre – So Am I. Excellent show, songs, word play. Don’t miss!

Lastly together at midnight we saw the quite loopy Will Seaward presenting Spooky Midnight Ghost Stories. Crazy stories to scare you!

Our highlight up till I left Dave earlier was Matt Price and his Maryhill Dinosaur. 

Dave has now gone on to Late N Live – update tomorrow.


RIP Emmy. xx




2 thoughts on “Day 20 at the Fringe – 18th August 2014

    • Ahh Wilfredo – we saw you not so long ago at The Seven Stars in Totnes – a night truly branded into our collective memories! You may remember as we took a pic of you and your co-stars (sorry, underlings) at the beginning of the show. You are already blogged on here – just search for your name! I have heard your never-to-be-forgotten dulcet warblings through the curtains whilst at the Hive for Paul Currie, Tim Renkow and David Mills. xx


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