Day 27 of the Fringe – 25th August 2014

Today’s show plan had to be half re-written because of other changes made to our schedule as we went through the month, and also because several shows ended up not running till the 25th and had already closed. 

Dave made an early start with another run through of the Big Bite Size Breakfast Show at the Pleasance’s Queen Dome at 10.30 am. I’ve blogged this one before – it runs through a menu of three different collections of short skits/plays. All very well done.

At 11.50 am I joined him down at the Queen Dome for Merry Christmas, Ms Meadows. We both thought this a stunner. This challenging show was put on by the Belarus Free Theatre and was about the way that anyone who is different in their identity, sexuality or gender is discriminated against in various parts of the world. Speaking in their native language, with subtitles projected onto a backdrop, the actors used dance, multimedia, acrobatics and song, along with some very intense performances to put over their production. A very moving show. 

A much lighter but just as talented performance next, from Grace Savage down at the PC in their Above space. Grace is that rare animal, a female beatboxer. She showcases her beatboxing with storytelling and humour during this musical hour. We even learned to do a little beatboxing ourselves – although my co-ordination was rubbish!

After that we were down the road a tiny bit in the PC Grand to see The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)(Revised) by the RSC (Reduced Shakespeare Company). The Grand takes a large crowd and on this, the last day of the Fringe, the audience was much reduced in number. The RSC always take things at breakneck speed – that is their normal mode – and this performance was well up to standard. Good stuff boys – I think we were just a bit tired!

Then onto the part of the day that had been rewritten.

Firstly we were into Chris Kent: Corked up at The Gilded Balloon. Chris played to a nearly full Wee Room at the GB. He has a lovely soft voice and some good material – very easy listening indeed. 

Then downstairs, still in the GB, for Kai Humphries, a very cheerful Geordie who had a lovely set of material. We liked him a lot! 

Then over to the Assembly in George Square for Sarah Pascoe, who gave us a well observed show, with lots of material around her old boyfriend (who she did well to get rid of in my opinion), some material about her new boyfriend (who sounds a deal better!) all woven in with feminist strands and being much enjoyed by the good sized audience.

Forty-five minutes later we were down at the PC Green for Sarah Bennetto’s Funeral. We’d liked Sarah at Machfest in 2013 but were sorry to say we did not enjoy this show half so much. Hoping for something better next time.

Our penultimate show was the Late Night Dark Show back at Cowgatehead with Bobby Mair and Rob Mailloux. Also in tonight’s show was fellow Canadian Katharine Ferns. This show, sticking to its name, can be quite dark and if you’re easily offended it’s best not to turn up there! It takes a lot to offend us so we were still there at the end. A worthy performance to a busy room!

And so to the very last show. Who else could it be but with Bob Slayer at his Bookshop and his Indie Round. Bob was at the mic chatting to the audience when we arrived, and the Record Attempt became a small part of the show. Various members of the audience donate stories to this show so anything can happen and frequently does. Tonight was a fairly quiet finish but we bought a copy of Bob’s book and he kindly donated his Bob’s Bookshop sign to us for our forthcoming feature wall in our spare room.

We have been collecting posters for a long time. If any comics we saw in Edinburgh are reading this, if you have a spare poster left from your show and would like to donate it for our feature wall, would you contact us and let us know?  Thanks!


Dave 304, Carole 224.

Thank you Edinburgh – you were the best!





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