5th September 2014 – Ski Lodge, Plymouth

MC Suzy Bennett, Amadeus Martin, Robyn Perkins, John Robertson.

Our first Eminent Banter Ski Lodge visit since July when we saw the wonderful Paul F. Taylor – and tonight’s visit was very much a last minute decision, Dave had a visit to the dentist earlier in the afternoon, where he was certain he would be having a tooth out. It had a better outcome with a big filling he had lost early in the Edinburgh record run (at 4am eating Cadbury’s chocolate eclairs after his last show) just being replaced for less than £20! Dave had been in the doldrums all week – going back to work after the huge high of the Record Attempt in Edinburgh had left us both flat, but at least I have the challenge of a new role at school with which to occupy myself.

The evening was a little late to start due to three out of our four comedians who were all coming down in the same car, being delayed. It’s a long way from London to Plymouth!

Our original MC, Jon Wagstaffe, had been replaced by Suzy Bennett. Last seen by us in Edinburgh last year at the Pleasance Courtyard in her show Dancing on Thin Ice, Suzy is a Plymouth local who now lives in London (“They don’t say ‘thanks driver’ when they get off the buses there do ’em?”)

The audience didn’t seem up for very much interaction at first, so Suzy had a bit of a job on, even with letting them know she was a local girl, for the first ten minutes, but once the ice was broken things livened up a bit. It’s hard to have a bit of banter with people who are not giving anything back!

Our opener Amadeus Martin was new to us. With a mixture of material, Having become a dad recently and admitting to being very tired, Amadeus demonstrated very admirably new father “baby brain” by losing the thread several times and going off at tangents but had a good mix of jokes and observations. One lady who was being a bit noisy in the audience (but not really heckling) was rapidly dealt with effectively.

Into a break and more from the really very excellent Suzy, before our middle act Robyn Perkins came up and showed us just how much she had grown in confidence and performance since we last saw her. We THINK it was at the LLLS* in Horrabridge. American but now with a British passport, this sassy, exuberant lady gave some great material including her take on us Brits and gave the front few tables a good roasting as well – a delight to watch. Robyn is a finalist in the Funny Women Awards in London on the 22nd September and we predict good things of her comedy career.

Our second break and then our headliner, John Robertson. We’d only seen John a couple of weeks ago today, in Edinburgh, doing his video game based Dark Room show at the Underbelly (see the blog for 24th August) and last year we also saw him do his own one hour show as well.

We’d been chatting to John during the break and he admitted to being tired after the long journey down, but there was no sign of that as he came onto the stage space like an Aussie whirlwind, giving us his opinion on the room in general. The curtains, ceiling decor and floor all received their fair share of disparaging comments, and that was before he started on the audience!

John did a lovely bit of material, quizzing the audience about which decade they were born in, and then describing their generation by drug use, which raised guffaws all around. Having had a couple of large glasses of red wine myself, I got a bit brave and tried to out a poor man who was sat behind us when I didn’t see him raise his hand to either the ’50s or ’60s question ( I apologised later!).
All in all a very good evening and quite a good sized crowd. Next month we are promised Carly Smallman. She’s very good so we will see you there! 


Robyn, Amadeus, John and Suzy

*LLLS – Late Lamented Leaping Salmon


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