23rd September, 2014 – Plymouth University – Adam Kay with Robin Evans supporting.

Start your evening with Special Kay!

Freshers’ Week at any university brings plenty of events and entertainment and Plymouth Uni (where Dave works) is no different to any other. I’m not a huge fan of going to Uni events as we always stick out like the proverbial sore thumbs age wise but I’d been convinced by Dave and a couple of You Tube clips that Adam Kay was going to be worth the visit – and to be honest, with tickets at students’ prices (£3 each!) and bar prices for cider at just £2.10 a pint I couldn’t complain about the cost either!

Arriving about twenty minutes before the scheduled start time of 8pm we were a little concerned to find that the marquee set up for the show had nobody in it but Adam, a couple of sound techs and another guy on a desk by door. On enquiring, it seemed they were expecting others to turn up and we were advised to head for the bar for a drink first – so off we trotted.

The aforementioned cheap ciders in hand we took ourselves back and had a chat with some first year students who were lined up waiting to go in…and then once we were in we were told that we’d get going once a late rush on tickets at the bar had finished! Eventually we were to become a reasonable crowd, especially given the very slow start!

Our support act was the founding Chairman of the Ukulele Society, a student called Robin Evans. He had a steel stringed electric uke and proceeded to give us some slightly rude songs in his chat-hop style. I’ve been trying to learn the ukulele myself so most of the time I just sat there mesmerized at his fingers flying over the frets and his strum style. https://www.facebook.com/RobinEvansUkulele  He’s a very talented uke player that’s for sure.

So to our main act. Adam’s act tonight was all about taking well known hits, playing them on his keyboard, and re-wording them in his own twisted and talented way. Sometimes we get just a couple of lines, sometimes a verse, sometimes more. He started his set with a very different version of Bohemian Rhapsody, featuring Oscar Pistorius as the protagonist. Hilarious and I don’t think the students could quite believe what they were hearing, but we’d already seen it on You Tube and knew just how naughty/free with the lyrics Mr Kay was going to be!

There were loads of well known tunes, all specially re-written; then he spotted Dave and I in the audience and it was our turn to be picked on for a minute while he came out with some older songs he thought we might know.

We were also told that Adam had also played to a VIP in the last week, having been booked to play at Prince William’s 30th birthday party!

Adam’s “guess what the chorus is” version of Alleluia, Alleluia is a brilliant piece of audience interaction, with everybody trying to think fast as he gives out hints in the preceding verse. We didn’t get it right a couple of verses in the first time around, so he came back to it later and tried us with a few easier ones before going in for the kill at the end.

He’s not only a musician/smutty lyricist though; his website is here and it’s clear there’s a lot more to Adam than some smart keyboard playing.

So all in all, an enjoyable evening and you never know, I might be tempted to go back next time there’s somebody worth seeing!


Adam Kay

Adam Kay


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