9th November 2014 – The Watermark Ivybridge – Katherine Ryan with Luke Honnoraty

Pop Culture Queen reigns at The Watermark!

Dave’s been having a few problems at work and is off for a couple of weeks on his doctor’s orders. We’d bought these tickets months ago and despite having recently put them up for sale so as not to have to come out, they hadn’t sold. I was loathe to waste them especially as we do like Katherine a lot, but I practically had to drag Dave out of the house. He definitely wasn’t in the mood for comedy when we left the house, despite me telling him that “laughter is the best medicine” and it would do him some good to get out.

A prompt 8 pm start at Ivybridge’s lovely space The Watermark and we were off and running with Katherine invisibly announcing Luke Honnoraty as her support for the evening. The gig was billed as sold out but there were quite empty seats/part rows in the room so we’re not sure whether some people just hadn’t managed to make the journey.

Luke improves with every viewing, and his cheeky, practical joker material went down very well with the mixed age Ivybridge audience. Stories around his work and home life (he holds down an office job during the day!) crazy pranks, his poor long suffering wife, and his absolute refusal to take anyone or anything too seriously had the punters and us laughing. We’ve seen Luke more than a few times (although not too much recently) and while there was some material that we recognised, there was also a pile of new stuff which was very good. During the break, as I nipped to the ladies, I heard several people comment on how much they’d liked him and why hadn’t they seen him before??!

Onto Katherine’s set and here is a lady with some quality material and ideas. A pop culture enthusiast, Katherine gave us her opinions on who is or who’s been somebody in the celebrity fame list. Tulisa (wow, watch out – fireworks!), Dizzy Rascal, Cheryl Cole, Joan Rivers, Miley Cyrus and One Direction  were covered amongst others. A strong feminist message runs through all of her set; and Katherine has a few secrets to tell us too.

Equally, ex partners were not spared her views on their behaviour – if you can’t vent with a mic in your hand, well when can you? There’s a good deal of physicality in Katherine’s set as well, she has hips that can shake faster than a rattler’s tail and the funny words to back up her cool moves.

There’s no short selling in Katherine’s act; we had one hour and twenty minutes of stream of consciousness from someone who really knows her subject and can deliver it with excellent comic timing. Then afterwards, she was fresh enough to come out and meet those who’d hung on to catch a few words with her. Luke had also waited on till the end of the show and had a chat with us at the end. Great stuff again from the Watermark! And you can see that even Dave had cheered up a bit by the end!DSCN3935

Just to add that The Watermark has (the very excellent) The Noise Next Door coming up on the 21st December. We saw them in Edinburgh – they are quality and they will be BIG, so GO AND BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW!



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