13th November 2014 – The Phoenix, Exeter. Tony Law

We’re always at home – in the “Tone Zone”

Now that I finish at 4 instead of 5pm, it’s not quite such a mad dash to get home, eat, and turn out for anything too far away. So a quick call in for some takeaway on the Thursday evening, then we were out, driving up the A38 for an hour, parked and in the Phoenix by 7.45pm ready for Tony’s 8pm start.

This was supposed to be a full house but there were the odd few seats here and there and almost half a row behind us with invisible occupants. We were safely in the second row, although we would not have been out of our comfort zone up front – Tony doesn’t give anyone a hard time.

Now – including the work in progress in Machynlleth, this is the third time I’d seen this show – and for Dave it was the second. To be fair, very little of Machynlleth’s WIP was left here, apart from maybe the big tear jerking “true story” part. I’d seen the finished show in Edinburgh at the Stand, when Dave couldn’t spare the time from “The Record Attempt” to get over the bridge from the Old Town to the New. However, there were a few changes even just between The Fringe and tonight, and a bit of extra fun was added this evening by an audience member hiding a vital piece of equipment during the break, causing a few questions and a momentary look of puzzlement to flicker behind those ever wobbly Viking eyebrows when Tony returned

What is left for us to say about Mr T? We’ve known and loved him since the Soho Theatre Late Night show in London about three years ago, his performance one of several from a mixed night hosted by Sarah Kendall, and one of the reasons we started on the comedy hobby. We’ve seen him many times since then and he NEVER fails to make us roar with his mix of weird, wonderful, zany and completely “out there” ideas and material. Organised chaos is the name of the game and I always wonder what new visitors to the Tone Zone must be thinking.  He’s definitely not your standard stand-up.

We go, we sit in wonder, and then we go home happy – trying to remember what has kept us enthralled for the last two hours.  People say: “What’s he like?” We can only say that you have to go and see for yourself – and it MIGHT take two viewings before you “get it”. Then, and only then, are you REALLY into the Tone Zone – and there’s no escape.




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