15th November 2014 – Plymouth Pavilions, Jon Richardson, Nidiot.

A nice local one for us so time for a proper meal at home then a toddle over the Tamar to the Pavilions.

A pretty much full house saw the show start about ten minutes late. We were about five rows back from the stage, pretty much in the middle. Safe enough from Jon’s attention but not too far back.

We’d seen a very early preview of this show in The Wardrobe in Bristol about 16 months ago when Jon was sharing the gig with the equally wonderful Mat Ewins. (see this blog).

Jon is a story teller with a great line in poking fun at himself. He has a fully outed OCD personality with associated health and safety issues. He dreams of tidying lofts, gives his live in girlfriend long lessons on how to load the dishwasher and loves a good vacuum. Don’t EVER put his cutlery back in the wrong places!

In other material, Jon told us about (slightly diluted) drunken stag parties, trips to America and having unexpected (non risk assessed) fun on speedboats. The story around how he met his girlfriend makes us wonder what sort of Superhero he has shacked up with – especially given the circumstances of a certain early relationship holiday!

With at least 2,000 seats sold this was a big room and we know lots of comedians don’t like the non-intimacy of large spaces – that they seem to lose the “connection” with their audience; if Jon was feeling this, he didn’t admit it, but put in a mention right at the end of how lovely we’d been given the size of the gig. He was just as lovely, getting out of the stage door in double quick time ready to meet his fans who’d lined up for photos and a quick chat. No hanging about for ages in the cold – fab.




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