19th November 2014, Princess Pavilions, Falmouth – Luke Honnoraty, Ray Peacock and Richard Herring

Down, down, down we go into deepest Cornwall, back to Falmouth once more, but to a new venue for us, the Princess Pavilions. Having been given some complimentary tickets from the very generous comedian Graham Wilkes, we couldn’t say no and so, after a bit of a loop where the Sat Nav didn’t seem to know where we were meant to be (Dave spotted a sign in the end which pointed the way) we found ourselves in this very nice wee venue which had a sort of arts centre feel about it.

Claiming our guest tickets, we got ourselves a quick drink, and made for our seats which were in the tiered section, giving us a great view of the stage. Sometimes I hate being in the stalls; unless we’re front row I always find myself stuck behind some seven foot tall behemoth with big hair.

First up was our MC, Luke Honnoraty. Now we’d seen Luke very recently, and we’ve seen him very many times in the past; Luke can bounce banter off the audience as well as anyone given the right punters. These weren’t the right punters.  Nobody was giving anything back and it was getting to be very hard work for poor Luke!

Ray Peacock, our next act, we have seen several times before, and indeed we were familiar with some of the material, but there was also some new stuff with which we weren’t. Ray, as I’ve said before, is a VERY NAUGHTY BOY. He has a way of delivering tales of the most mischievous pranks, usually involving the law,  his best friend Ed Gamble and anyone else unfortunate enough to be travelling with him, which leave you open mouthed but somehow quite envious. He has a devil-may-care attitude teamed with an angelic smile that nobody can resist, and that included the Falmouth crowd who, at last, were getting onside with the comedy.

A break, then a bit more of Luke (who’d told us in the break that he’d been advised not to talk to the punters anymore; just get some material out); then we were onto Richard Herring. We’d seen Richard in the comedy showcase at Machynlleth last May but not since two years ago in July had we seen him do a full show. This was his Edinburgh show, Lord of the Dance Settee. ( so called from a mistake on his part when hearing the song title as a child).

This, we were told, was a show without such an obvious theme as previous Herring shows such as Talking Cock and We’re All Going to Die. However there was a theme of sorts, based around the dance of life and death.

Just as Richard was getting warmed up, somebody down the front decided to shout a  sniper heckle over one of his jokes and we soon found out that Herring does not tolerate hecklers; this guy was shot down in a a hail of machine gun fire. This, thankfully, had the effect of immediately silencing him and I’m willing to bet he’d wished he’d never raised his head above the parapet.

Herring can dissect subjects down to the nth degree, and then into more detail than that! Sombreros, International Women’s Day and sofa bouncing are all covered plus loads more. Confident and assured, he led us all along as his dancing partners and guided us each step of the way. We enjoyed it thoroughly!

If I’ve got just one complaint, it’s not about the acts, or the space itself; it’s about the venue’s apparent policy of it being perfectly acceptable for audience members in the stalls to get up mid act and take off out of the theatre to the bar for drinks, for fag breaks, for the toilet etc. From our lofty perch this was very noticeable and tediously distracting; never mind how annoying it must have been to the people in the rows affected.  Princess Pavilions, you need to implement a no re-admittance during the show policy double quick! Once people know they can’t get in again, either until the next break, or not at all, they might prioritise their drink, loo and nicotine breaks a bit better. This is not a pub gig (and even in pubs, as true comedy fans, we find it extremely bad form to interrupt the acts during their stint).  As I’ve said a hundred times, this is what the intervals are for! Rant over!!


Carole and Richard.


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