12th December 2014, Hen and Chicken, The Comedy Box, Bristol.

It’s been five years to the day since we ran off to get married in Bristol, and as an anniversary treat, Dave had brought me back to the scene of the crime for some comedy at the lovely Hen and Chicken.

Having driven up from home more or less straight from work, we checked into our B and B, the lovely Riverview, and made our way on foot to the Hen and Chicken. Dave had promised me a half mile walk, but on this freezing cold evening, and in heels, it seemed a lot further than that! Eventually we made it into the bar of the H and C to be met by Martin, an old friend of Dave’s, and one of our wedding witnesses. Soon enough two other friends arrived also, Viv and Gill, and having got the drinks in, we headed up the stairs to the Comedy Box space.

Our MC for the evening was to be Sally Ann Hayward, who quickly got the  job done by getting to know her audience. We’d been dreading having some real prats in the audience due to the closeness to Christmas and the high likelihood of there being some big groups on Christmas work outings but aside from one large party in from a bacon factory (nooooo) who gave Sally Ann a bit of lip, it wasn’t too bad. Sally Ann soon had the measure of them and spent some time also taking the mickey out of several other punters, including some “Bristol” hippy types.

Soon it was time to meet Luke Toulson, laid back dad, who gives us all the gen on how (not) to be a parent.  Loads of family oriented stories. Clever and funny, Luke has his timing and material down to a fine art and the crowd were loving it as much as we were.

More of Sally Ann and then onto our headliner – Dana Alexander, black, Canadian and  full of sass. We’d seen Dana once before at the very late lamented Leaping Salmon; a night she shared with the outrageous Bobby Mair, who had a bit of bother that night with a three sheets to the wind “lady” in the audience who claimed she was his mother!!

Dana has come on in leaps and bounds comedy wise since then, giving it large about what it’s like to be a tall, big black woman in today’s UK. Nothing of her act at the LLLS remains.  She has a mouth on her but her confidence is well placed; and tonight’s audience were lapping it up. She had a word or two for the bacon packers, more than enough to make them feel they’d had some attention paid to them and for them to pipe down so we could all enjoy our evening.

A cracking comedy night at a great venue and an awesome anniversary evening!


On Saturday we did a bit of Christmas gift shopping – actually the main target was an anniversary present for Carole. A couple of weeks before at Gary Delaney we sat immediately behind a lady with a chicken patterned dress. And with our rescue chickens Carole had to have one! So a little trip to one of many lovely independent shops on the Gloucester Road Fox + Feather and Carole came out with this beauty http://www.foxandfeather.co.uk/products/sugarhill-boutique-rooster-smock-dress

Beer and t-shirts added we then popped into the Spiegeltent where I knew the wonderful Gavin Osborn was doing an hour slot. And we sat with Mulled Ciders and Hot Chocolates in hand enjoying his wonderful songs. We had last seen him at Machynlleth in May sharing an hour with the equally wonderful Isy Suttie. My favourite song being Albert Went Out To See Rock bands seeing as we are both fifty-something Symphonic Metal Fans. There are several clips of this gig on You Tube one being here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YMUa8u83sE#t=11.

A lovely weekend rounded off with a not too painful trip to IKEA and a lovely stroll around Taunton on the way home.



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