21st January 2015 – Bigmouth Comedy – Totnes

Big Mouth Comedy, Royal Seven Stars, Totnes – Chris Brooker, Danny Ward, Tania Edwards and Nick Doody

Four More Stars at the Seven Stars

Only a few short days since we’d seen both Chris and Nick at Plymouth Albion but the carrot hanging there for us was Danny Ward, he of the haunted mic stand a few months ago at a now slightly more infamous pub!

Also, we wanted to see Tania Edwards because I’d had to “walk out of her show” (as Dave so bluntly puts it) in Edinburgh on day sixteen of the Fringe Record Attempt last August, because of breathing in a biscuit on a throat that had already been coughing for nine days See details of that day here where Danny Ward also gets a mention re: his Infra Dig show.

Highly contented (because Dave was driving us home!) at the bar’s “buy two glasses of wine, get the rest of the bottle free” offer, we got ourselves sorted for drinks and after a misguided false start in the front row, resettled ourselves in the opposite bank of seating in the second.

First up, as always, was our MC Chris Brooker. Chris is a gentle, ginger giant and tonight, despite a bad cold and a red nose, we had the confession that someone who has friended him on Facebook put up her old profile picture from 2007 (as per the current FB fad of uploading first profile pics) and she was in school uniform! Was this dodgy? Mostly we thought not. At least it was secondary school uniform!

On to the opener proper, Danny Ward, who gave us a mix of old and new material. To be absolutely fair, we’ve seen Danny so many times that, short of completely rewriting his set every few weeks. he’d be hard put to give Dave and I a completely new show! Danny was accessorized by Lidl (saying no more here – it’s all too good to give away) gave us info on the Toby Carvery chain and then swung into his delicious car key story. There was some fab new material around breadmaking and then his showstopper diatribe regarding London – and again, I can’t tell you – it’s too good to spoil – suffice to say, this man can talk a million miles an hour and not miss a word. Splendid work once more Danny. A nice little call back at the end for the accessories and Danny went off to much applause.

Off for a break, a bit more from Chris who confessed that the aforementioned FB lady friend had just contacted him for a social meet-up and should he go, despite the age gap? “YES” roared the punters, and then onto Tania and Dave was right in that blog I linked to above, she DOES have a posh voice – a fact she acknowledges in her first couple of sentences. Tania is trying to get her long term partner to propose, and to get her pregnant, I wonder if he knows? He is a Northern Irish Indian called Sanjiv, hailing from Belfast, with elderly parents who are very traditional. Tania spent some time querying length of time various people in the audience had been together, and how long it was before “the question” was popped. She’s a funny comedian who gives us plenty of sharply observed statements and whose “clock” is ticking. Come on Sanjiv, she won’t wait forever!

The second break comes and goes and once again we have Nick Doody jumping on stage as our headliner for the night. This time around I sat back and watched the way Nick had put his set together. Word for word he was doing pretty much what we’d seen on the previous Friday and so I marvelled at the way comedians’ performances can be completely memorised down to the last one liner, (Dave says, “Well, it’s like an actor learning a play”), I admired the writing, the politics, and the accents (northern, scouse) and the callbacks. Thanks to two glasses of wine, I found myself worrying – did he set that one up earlier so that he could refer back – and yes, of course he had. Nick’s a craftsman – he doesn’t mess up.

It’s standard practice for me to take note of how different audiences react to acts we’ve seen before – are they seeing what we’re seeing? Are they on the same wavelength as the comic? Surely we’re not the only ones who think individual comics are brilliant/good/average/mediocre/should’ve stayed home and looked for another job (we don’t get many of the latter I have to say!). At the Seven Stars, Totnes, the audience were having a great night and lots of compliments were flying around.

Well done Big Mouth – absolutely worth the ride up from Cornwall!


Nick, Tania, Danny and Chris proving he has "man flu".

Nick, Tania, Danny and Chris proving he has “man flu”.


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