24th January 2015 – Falmouth Poly. Colin Leggo – Bits of Leggo

What a Load of Below Knee!

Off we went down to the pointy end of the county to the Poly for a bit of Colin Leggo. We quite like the Poly (apart from the fact that Dave lost his wedding ring one evening when we were down there over two years ago and we never found it!), the seats are comfy, the staff are nice and the bar isn’t too pricey.

We’d not seen Colin before and this night was to be a first run through for this Cornish boy’s new show so we weren’t sure exactly what we were going to get. What we did get though was a very likeable chap who spent the first half of the show introducing himself, bantering with the audience, especially those in the front row (including ourselves)  and telling us about his fairly recently acquired below knee amputation.

Into the break and then we had Colin back on stage under a huge grey wig and beard, as Moses, with some terrible Bible based puns. Groans ensued.

Then we were into some story telling and song and multi media courtesy of the big screen; of how Colin started his showbiz career much earlier in life and how things were to happen to put the proverbial kibosh on his first stage role. Further revelations told of problems with his foot which became insurmountable and of media coverage gone wrong, before the offending appendage was finally removed for good.

Colin found himself with a lot of time on his hands during his hospital stays and recuperations as several Youtube videos prove.

To wind up we had more video and some splendid singing from Colin himself who can certainly belt out a tune or two.

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable evening. We met up with Colin afterwards, he was kind enough to have a few words with us backstage. No photo below as Colin was sitting down and resting his leg and we didn’t really feel we could ask him to get up again after his long session on stage!



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