Friday 3rd April 2015 – Eminent Banter at the Ski Lodge, Plymouth. Luke Honnoraty, Harriet Dyer, Scott Walker, Alicia Roberts and Dan Thomas.

The second comedy gig of the week and three of the comics are well known to us but still, we do like to support as much as we can so we dutifully show up to find an almost full room and also to find ourselves plonked at a front table again. Never mind – we are hardcore and nothing if not bulletproof (besides, most of the comedians that know us steer well clear).

Luke Honnoraty is our MC for the night and as always he is very good in this role, having absolutely no trouble bantering and extracting the mick from any audience member brave enough to take him on. He is spontaneous, earthy and has a twinkle in his eye that has the punters unsure of just what he’s going to say next! I’ll even forgive him for calling us mum and dad right at the outset!

Our opener, another comic we know well by this stage, is Harriet Dyer. Weird, wacky, and Cornish through and through, the audience are, as is sometimes the case, not quite up to surreal speed for the first few minutes until they have switched themselves up a few notches on the gearbox of whimsy and even then we have a few that are still stalling right through the set and are going along in fits and starts. We enjoyed it as always – it’s not always about traditional stand-up you know Plymouth!! Just ask the dolphin!!

Our first break and then Luke introduced us to a  new face (for us), Scott Walker. A dark and bearded Mancunian, Scott was a wee oasis of new material and jokes for us to enjoy. Some good material here and very confident and smooth in delivery – he enjoyed a good reaction from the punters who were probably still puzzling their brows over Harriet and were glad to be guided back to safer roads!

Another new face in the second middle spot in Alicia Roberts. With a soft sounding Welsh voice, Alicia steered us down a few dark tracks, with several provoking statements around her veganism. (Luke has just admitted onstage that he’d been on a “vegan diet for a month” and had lost over a stone in weight). As a vegan myself I’ll be the first to admit that it can be a hard thing to find anything funny to say about it – the vegan battle is a hard one, not so much in being a vegan itself, but in defending our choices to others, and it’s a brave and clever person who gets their vegan lifestyle and the reasons behind it out to the punters and manages to get the audience onside (Romesh Ranganathan is a case in point – a particular comedy hero of mine for just this reason). There were other slightly controversial statements about children which seemed to leave the audience slightly nonplussed and far quieter than they should be at the end of a comedy set.

Our second break and then onto our headliner, another face we know, Dan Thomas. Also Welsh, but with a much lighter hank of material, Dan still had to get the crowd back onside and they weren’t going to go easily. Even just introducing himself, once hearing his accent, some wag at the back had to give it a “BAA AAA AAA”. . Dan put them in their place “Why would you make that noise when you think I want to shag sheep?”  then got onto his own stuff, telling us about his wife and family and all things Welsh. He is a solid headliner and always gets the room energy up to where it should be by the end of an evening.

The whole evening was a bit up and down but ended on a high – especially giving the rather unforgiving audience on the night!



Harriet Dyer, Scott Walker, Alicia Roberts and Dan Thomas


Dan (again!) and Luke Honnoraty.


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