Friday 8th May 2015 – Plymouth Comedy Club, Plymouth Albion. Chris Brooker, Jessica Fostekew, Jack Campbell, John Gordillo

Mark ‘E My Words, Plymouth Comedy Club Gets Even Better

Once more we found ourselves in the marquee at Plymouth Comedy Club’s rugby venue, Plymouth Albion. This is the gig where the same acts do two consecutive nights, Friday at the Albion and Saturday at Derriford Health and Leisure.

Accompanying us to watch the comedy was our friend Marie (who has been to several gigs with either me on my own, or with Dave as well). With very reasonably priced drinks, we sat ourselves at the far end of the front row to await the start.

First up was Chris doing his usual MC role. He wasn’t his usual laid back and chirpy self as he’d had a very long journey from Manchester (seven hours!) and made a brilliant show out of being very grumpy about it, with a punter in the front row, who dared to try to heckle, getting the brunt of his ire. He was silenced quite quickly!

Onto our opener, Jessica Fostekew. We’ve seen Jess several times – at the B-Bar in Plymouth, the Seven Stars Totnes, and her own show in Edinburgh (also in Knightmare).

Jess is an extremely funny lady; her accents (ohh that Northern Irish!) are spot on and she has the wickedest chuckle outside of a Tory NHS cuts planning meeting. There is some material around the mysterious (“is she or isn’t she??”) pregnancy, and yes she is. A brilliant rejoinder to a heckle arose out of Jess counting the baby as the other half of her “double act” and putting the mic to her bump. Safe to say the heckler was put firmly in his place!

And so to the break, and then our middle act, Jack Campbell, winner of last year’s English Comedian of the Year. Starting with some “Give me a cheer if…” questions and keeping it cheeky and light, Jack put over a good set and was much appreciated by the crowd.

John Gordillo, our headliner, was another comedian who we had not seen before. Reminding us a little of Mark Watson in both looks and manner, John commanded the stage with his height and presence. He had some good, topical and funny material, some on the always controversial (but why is it so??) subject of gay marriage,  and then seemed to be risking audience judgment by talking about his family, in particular, his paternal relationship with a former partner’s teenage daughter. The punters took it all in their stride (as they should) and he went off stage to warm applause.

I have to commend the audience for being well behaved, aside from the front row punter who Chris saw off, there was no silliness or making it “all about me” and so another good night was had in the tent!



Jess, Chris, John and Jack.


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