Friday 22nd April 2015 – Paul Foot with Malcolm Head supporting – Watermark, Ivybridge

It’s been a weird couple of weeks for us comedy wise, cancellations, changes and uncertainties.

I started off with Paul Foot at the Ivybridge Watermark. Carole stayed home as she is not a fan of his humour.

An interesting opener Malcolm Head. Quirky performance poetry with a few jokes made him an unusual act, quite in keeping with Paul himself. Prepared heckle putdowns and Tesco haikus were there. He gave windows of heckling opportunity, which mostly the audience didn’t take, being a typical arts centre crowd. I enjoyed him, but couldn’t stop thinking Tim Key.
He has landed a spot with the Pleasance Comedy Reserve at Edinburgh if you want to check him out for yourself.

As for Paul Foot himself, it was a masterclass in absurdism. However, it was thrown askew by two things. Firstly, the continual stream of people just walking in and out to go to the toilet and/or bar was incredibly distracting and kept interrupting the flow of the gig. If people did this in a mainstream theatre, they would not be allowed readmittance until the next break, if there was one. I think the venue should be enforcing this themselves, as it is not the first time.

Secondly, one audience member thought they were much more important than the rest of the crowd or the performer, and kept interrupting with a constant stream of inane heckles, completing destroying the flow of the show. time after time. Including taking a phone call mid show. To his credit Paul handled the interruptions brilliantly, and sarcastically, but at the end of the day, the audience didn’t really get the show they paid for.



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