Sunday 14th June, Phoenix Exeter, Lucy Beaumont with Jon Richardson supporting

Off to Exeter for Lucy Beaumont’s Edinburgh show from last year, We Can Twerk It Out (for which she was nominated Best Newcomer), and it’s not till we are just about to enter the auditorium that we realise that we are also getting Jon Richardson in support, in a cheeky acknowledgement to their offstage relationship, and made all the funnier because said relationship is NOT referred to once onstage, but it’s alluded to in the glint in both of their eyes and a nod to the slightly lopsided billing when Lucy comes on and introduces Jon (“who, you never know, might break into the bigtime any day now”) as her support act.

We’ve seen Jon do his stuff several times before (the first time was at the lovely, and very intimate Wardrobe Theatre in Bristol in July 2013 where he was on the bill with the chaotically wonderful Mat Ewins). Tonight he’s as good as ever, talking about his OCD traits, (dishwasher stacking test for girlfriends), chatting to the punters re football, plenty of banter, all very relaxed, Jon points out that he prefers to stand still whilst delivering his act, not skipping about like some (named) comedian and bemoaning the fact that it’s much harder to write good comedy when you are happy (another oblique reference to his recent marriage!). He runs over his twenty minutes by a good fifteen more at least, despite several verbal reminders to himself that he should get off! We were happy to let him stay and blow us away with his effortless performance!  It’s a shame that the Phoenix hadn’t managed to sell the gig out, although we heard that the night before in Bristol was much busier!

Off to our break and then back to Lucy. There’s a large contraption at the back of the stage space with a sheet over it; we’re to be left in suspense until the very end of the show.

Lucy comes on in cable knit cardigan with her obsequious beige shoulder bag tucked under one arm. Later, the bag is a veritable TARDIS as she retrieves object after object from it to comment on for our wonderment. Her strong accent is the first thing we notice, and Lucy is happy to send herself up with stories of how condescending people are towards her when they hear her voice.

With quirky one or two liner observations and sweet, wide-eyed and innocent manner, Lucy brings out notepad and pen to find out and write down the names of some of the male audience members – then eliminates them through a series of questions at points during the evening…for reasons which I’m not giving away here. It was all going down very well with the room. I enjoyed her performance and Dave saw this show at his record breaking Fringe attempt and liked it enough to come back for more so that tells you summat!

As for the aforementioned, sheet covered contraption – well, that would be telling!


LB and JR

Lucy and Jon.


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