16th June 2015 Funny Fort. Edinburgh Previews – Sally-Anne Hayward and The VA.

Back to the Funny Fort’s basement bar for their second Edinburgh Previews night. The lovely evening was obviously keeping people out in the fresh air as both the upstairs bar and our performance space were very quiet.

Eventually some more punters picked their way gingerly downstairs, drinks in hand, and we got underway with Frankie the organiser introducing our first half of the evening, the lovely Sally-Anne Hayward and her new show, Something Old, Something New, Nothing Borrowed, Quite a Lot Blue.

Sally-Anne is a sassy lady who we’ve seen perform several times, but she never fails to deliver the goods. Equally mucky and funny her comedy is written from a modern woman’s point of view – blood tests, veins and doctors being just some of the material covered!

Sally-Anne’s personality shines in every performance that she does, she’s a very warm lady and that comes across in her act. Also very approachable after her performance – which many acts are, with one or two notable exceptions.

Sally Anne

Sally-Anne Hayward.

A short break, then our first introduction to The VA, an improv group from Bath.

It has to be said that this wasn’t the best improv we have ever seen, but then we’ve seen some very good improv – The Noise Next Door and Austentatious in Edinburgh, and some of the student improv we saw up there was very good.

The VA comprised approximately six members, (I apologise for the lack of accuracy, but they spent so much time rushing up and down the narrow aisle in the middle of our basement space, that it was hard to keep count!), a mix of young men and women, who had a framework story to which the audience could add a few suggestions of their own. The premise was that there was a goodie and his sidekick, and a very bad man, a master villian, (who the audience got to name), and some sort of global disaster (which we also got to decide on). There were spots of passable comedy, but too often the group’s scenes were not funny and their lines were weak. “What sort of food did you have?” “Oh – improvised food!” If this is what they are taking to Edinburgh, there is still a lot to do.



One thought on “16th June 2015 Funny Fort. Edinburgh Previews – Sally-Anne Hayward and The VA.

  1. This post has caused some controversy. After we posted it we received an email from the VA asking us to remove the part about them. We were unsure what to do with this, so both of us consulted with many people for advice. I posted on Facebook asking for comments on how to handle this and we had many replies with great suggestions. I also spoke to three respected comics for their views. We decided to remove the part and replace with the email asking us to do so.
    This then prompted the person to send an email thanking us for removing the article but querying why we replaced with the email. It pointed out that the group were not going to Edinburgh. Something we were unaware of and a little surprised at as we had bought advance tickets for what was billed as Edinburgh previews.
    We then received a further email saying it was hasty to have asked to remove the original article and to reinstate if possible, which we have now done.
    There was no malice in our original post just an honest opinion of what we had seen and paid for. I believe we were the only people who had bought tickets in advance for this event.
    Anyone is welcome to comment on our posts and leave feedback on us as well, we are enthusiastic punters, we do not consider ourselves reviewers per se, just chroniclers of our adventures following what we love.

    Dave and Carole.


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