21st June 2015 – The Watermark, Ivybridge. Sean Lock with Mark Olver supporting.

Once more we found ourselves at the lovely Watermark venue in Ivybridge; this time for Sean Lock, but until we arrived, we weren’t sure who was going to be his support act; so we were very happy to see that it was Mark Olver – who we’ve seen before but he’s a good egg (just ask the producers of  Deal or No Deal, or several other popular tv studio shows – he’s their warm up act – and it’s time he was THE act!).

Mark’s delivery is always spot on, he’s a Westcountry man with a gruff demeanour and a great way with a line. He’s very comfortable bantering with the audience (as you would expect from all of his warm-up work) and as a support act he’s an extremely safe pair of hands. It was all good, and the full room were loving his stuff.

The break came and went, and then we were into Sean’s work in progress. He came on dragging a large flip chart prompt board “because he’s old and can’t see anymore” (he said).

I’ve never been a huge fan of Sean, but Dave is, and he has been excited about this gig for a very long time, so I was happy to sit next to him as he lapped it up but surprisingly (to me), the next hour (plus) was an eyeopener in how a real comedy pro goes about putting a show together.  Sure there were some slightly, feeling his way, slower bits alongside the very funny parts, but that is how a work in progress works isn’t it? Bullet point by bullet point, we worked through the hour together, the crowd were loving it, Dave was loving it, I was entertained and Sean seemed to be enjoying himself.

Sean comes across as a bit curmudgeon at times, but I’m sure there’s a softie in there somewhere!

We went home very satisfied with the show, but Dave was a bit upset that he hadn’t managed to grab Sean to sign either his Comedy Snapshot or limited edition Fifty Comics book. Our venue manager dived downstairs to try and catch him, but came back up very quickly to tell us he had gone already.



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