28th June 2015, Babbacombe Theatre, Jimmy Cricket

This is a weird one to comment on. We principally went to this gig out of interest having met Jimmy’s daughter Katie Mulgrew on a couple of occasions, plus knowing he is another signature off my collection in Steve Best’s Comedy Snapshot Book http://www.comedysnapshot.com/.

It was a lovely evening for a drive to Babbacombe and we arrived and picked up our tickets and then sat enjoying the sea view for a while.

When we entered we found something very unusual which has only happened once before, many years ago, watching the legendary Ken Dodd do one of his five hour shows.That was that we were considerably younger than the average age of the audience.

One exception being a young lass who was excitedly talking to her dad before the gig, and was obviously a huge fan of both Jimmy and Tim Vine, both of whom she had seen before.

Carole, however, was already on edge having found she was going to have to sit through the night without even a glass of wine, as the theatre tonight had no licence.

The show started with Jimmy in his trademark wellies and hat. With a barrage of mostly one liners of the Tim Vine ilk. Should that be the other way around as Jimmy was doing this act long before Mr Vine. Often he would let the audience fill in the punchlines themselves, and one chap a couple of rows back couldn’t help himself from continually saying them before the end of the joke.

It was very much of the Ken Dodd type show, with his wife May Marion coming on in both halves of the show to do musical interludes while Jimmy changed costume.

In all we had over two hours of entertainment, although Carole is not a fan of the one liner comics generally, a notable exception being Gary Delaney.

The act was brought up to date with a few cheesy modern references to iPhones and other technology. And we were also treated to a tennis sketch, saxophone playing and juggling from the man himself (Carole did enjoy the juggling)!

It was not a ‘modern’ type comedy show in any way, but a wonderful reminder of days of innocence. For Carole it was an experience, and she agreed that whilst Jimmy was a lovely chap, his comedy was not to her taste, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. And it was clear that the audience who were there were all hardcore fans, and lapped it all up, and bought the DVDs and CDs on sale. Oh yes, I forgot, Jimmy also sang a few songs. And he knew so many people by name, including the couple who had planned their holiday around attending this gig.

For me it was well worth the trip.


Jimmy Cricket

Jimmy Cricket


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