30th June 2015 – Edinburgh Previews at the Fortescue’s Funny Fort. Sam Savage and Aidan Goately.

Our last Edinburgh Preview at the Funny Fort, and once more the sun was splitting the skies – it had been the hottest day of the summer so far. However quite a few tickets had already been sold, in fact, there were only ten left when we arrived and soon the room was filling up, with people doing the usual thing of desperately trying to avoid the front row.

Sam Savage was portraying a character called Linda Larkin with her show “Looking out for Linda”, and if this is a preview – the finished product is going to be a complete stormer. Sam has only been playing this lovely, guilleless character for around seven months, but Linda is beautifully observed and fully formed. Linda has a husband called Terry, and we get to hear about their married life, the scantily dressed next door neighbour, the hippy up the road, Linda’s poetry club (with Sam playing other club members and reciting their work) and about a wee guinea pig called Dougal,  There was some audience interaction – oh oh – and Linda’s second guest nearly caused a female audience revolt!

We laughed, we cried (well I did), we absolutely loved this show and I only wish I had time to go and see the fully realised production, because I just can’t see how it can be better! Go find Linda at the Southsider venue in Edinburgh at 7pm.  You won’t regret it!

Next up, and after a 20 minute break or so, we had Aidan Goately and his Ten Films With My Dad.

Aidan has a portable screen and a multi-media player and a multi-star awarded show that has been around for a few years now, but is being toured this year in the UK and abroad and will culminate in Edinburgh for the 200th performance.

The show centres around Aidan’s relationship with his father, an alpha male with “the loudest voice in the world”. Their story is told through the medium of the movies they have enjoyed together, and is delightfully illustrated not just with movie posters, but because of “licensing costs”, some of Aidan’s comedian friends (and his dog!) replay some key scenes on screen too!

The films vary from action to horror to sci-fi, typical male movie-fare but it was the story links and Aidan’s thorough knowledge of film (even being able to point out to a heckler that he was talking about the wrong movie and naming the heckler’s film as well!) that made the show. Just as Sam’s did, Aidan’s show has some poignant moments and I found myself welling up AGAIN!

Aidan’s enthusiasm and love for his subject comes across strongly – this show is well worth a viewing. Aidan is going to be at The Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh, venue 68b, show time 2.30pm, so have some lunch first in their very nice bar and get yourself in for a very entertaining hour!


Sam (as Linda) and Aidan

Sam (as Linda) and Aidan


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