Wed 8th July 2015 – Bike Shed Exeter, Evelyn Mok/Stuart Laws, Edinburgh Previews

We were back in the lovely Bike Shed for two Edinburgh previews. We’d seen both comics before, Stuart Laws being a particular favourite because he is a seller of the surreal, and we love a flight of fancy. Both shows had decent audiences, very respectable for Wednesday night Ed previews.

First up though was Evelyn Mok with her preview show Idiot. This was a very measured show, both in speed and tone. Evelyn was brought up in in Sweden after her parents moved there from China, even though she identified as Indian till she was ten years old because her own mother had been brought up there! Confused?

Evelyn has a deadpan delivery which, teamed with her sometimes “kick you in the guts material” will make you draw several sharp intakes of breath. The atmosphere gets a little tense at times, but I love it when the audience, including myself, starts to feel uncomfortable – can we laugh? Is it ok?

There is a repeater joke using different punchlines – but no, we don’t like publishing comics’ joke material, and especially for a preview, so you have to get the The Counting House at 5pm and see Evelyn for yourself.

I really enjoyed Idiot – Mok’s performance is not “in your face”, but it gets under your skin – and my goodness, it wriggles.

Out for a short break and then back into the space again for Stuart Laws and his preview show Who Said Anything About Stopping It? It’s only a short run folks, 10-14 August at the Cabaret Voltaire, 3.50pm so make sure you get in the queue nice and early!

The show itself is a large slice of whimsy from the surreal cake, filled with weights, Ted Danson, bowling, towels, wine tasting, gilets and the worst thing you can see on video amongst other “where is he going with this?” moments. How many times can Stuart give us the same line and still make it funny? The answer would seem to be “lots”. We loved it. If you are a fan of the “off the wall” this is for you.

A very worthwhile trip up to two very good previews – we’d both be very happy to see these in Edinburgh – and as both are Free Fringe – absolute bargains.


Stuart and Evelyn

Stuart and Evelyn 


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