23rd July 2015 – Tobacco Factory, Bristol. Jimmy McGhie: Winged Goddess of Victory (preview). Glenn Wool: I am but a Pawn (preview)

A B and B booked in Bristol, two nights of shows booked at The Tobacco Factory Theatre and this time our journey up the A38/M5 is fairly uneventful for the most part – until of course, the last few hundred yards where as always, I’m trying to negotiate a busy street in rush hour, plus find exactly where and which side of the street the B and B is to within a hundred yards or so. Post codes can be very deceiving!

With bare minutes to spare (as always), we drop our gear in the room, and make for The Tobacco Factory post haste, pinning our rumbly stomach’s hopes on being able to get some food in the theatre’s Cafe Bar before the gig kicks off.  We are not disappointed  with Dave having some “proper” fish and a side order of fried potatoes, and my chickpea burger is delicious.

The theatre itself is out the door, turn left. and up the stairs. There’s a bar up there too and once we’ve got our drinks, we get inside and settle ourselves in the front row. We have two friends joining us and they decide to sit behind us.

First on stage tonight is Jimmy McGhie with his preview Winged Goddess of Victory – a new face for us. A lot of his material centres round his upbringing, his relationship with his dad and it’s all very professional, not to mention very funny. I don’t know why we’re not seeing Jimmy on tv yet – he’s got a lot more about him than many I’ve seen in the media. This was a wee pearl of a preview and not much more polishing is needed here Mr McGhie (in my humble opinion)! Jimmy’s show is at The Pleasance Courtyard (venue 33) at 8.20pm.

Then it was Glenn Wool‘s turn with I am but a Pawn. This show will be at the Assembly, George Square Studios, (venue 17) at 9.20pm. Glenn’s had quite the change of look; the ponytail has gone and so has the beard (sad face) – who is this stranger on stage? No matter the facade though, because Glenn is still the expert at firing sneaky salvos that have us thinking: “I shouldn’t laugh at this, but I can’t help it!” He is topical and to the point. He looks at us sideways, his voice is soft, then wailingly loud, the Canadian accent as strong as ever. There is no subject, it seems, that he will not poke fun at; nothing is beyond the pale and he gets away with it, with a look of wide-eyed innocence that says – “Hey, I’m just getting it out there – you guys DON’T HAVE TO LAUGH AT IT!” But we are laughing Glenn.

Two of the best previews we have seen so far.



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