31st July 2015 – Calstock Arts – Sara Pascoe and the Museum of Robot Pussycats

Once in a blue moon

We were really looking forward to this gig, with one of our favourite comics in one of our favourite venues. And the 31st July was due to be that relatively rare astronomical phenomenon of a blue moon.

It had been a really busy week at work with half of our staff allowed to take leave at the same time. So this was going to be the perfect end to a not so perfect week. Especially with something so gross happening earlier in the day that I cannot commit it to this blog.

A bit of history, we have seen Sara’s last two fringe shows as well as a few other times. She is one of our favourites and we have one of our rescue chickens named after her. The last time we were due to see her in Exeter in January, however, I had to let someone else have our tickets as I was in bed with a bad dose of flu. Carole tends not to accuse me of having man flu as the last time she did, within 24 hours, I was rushed to hospital with double pneumonia.

The venue itself is idyllic, in an old converted chapel with a beautiful train viaduct in the background. But it has been a little unlucky for us. The first time we ever went there was during the bad winter a few years back when we got there a sign was on the door saying the gig was cancelled. The well known comic had got stuck on a cancelled train because of the weather. We were not best pleased that no-one had contacted us to save us the trip, but we did get a refund, and free tickets to another gig along with drinks as a sorry. So we forgave them pretty quick. Last year I had to stay at home for Tony Hawks with man flu again (tonsillitis – which led to an operation) while our friend Marie got to take my place for what was a “fantastic gig – shame you missed it”.

Anyway, to tonight. we left for the gig in beautiful sunshine and had a lovely 12 mile drive. Armed with Dead Funny in which Sara has a story and Secret Edinburgh to which she has also contributed, both of which we are collecting autographs in. Also a framed picture of Sara the Chicken to hand over as a present.



We left early and arrived 45 minutes before the gig so we could go for a little walk beside the river. Walking down and past the venue we saw plenty of posters advertising the show but were surprised to see the venue doors closed. I did a quick double check of the poster outside as I was expecting it to say the doors opened at 7:30 for the gig starting at 8. But no they were supposed to be open at 7. Then the realisation struck. The show was the day before on the 30th and I had dragged us to it a day late.

This was a first in thousands of gigs. And I have no excuse – I screwed up. The air turned blue with me swearing at myself, while Carole laughed at me. We got to get the weekly shop done on the way home, which was a bonus, while I swore at myself all the way round, with Carole continuing to laugh at me.

I am still swearing at myself a lot as I write this, while Carole still keeps laughing at me.

So this was the gig that never was and I am sure it was brilliant. Sorry Sara, sorry Calstock Arts – see you both soon.


PS. When I said something gross happened earlier, I had an upset tummy and didn’t make it to the loo in time so I SHIT MYSELF, had to throw my pants away, then catch the bus home hoping it wouldn’t happen again.


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