14th August 2015 – Edinbugh Day 2

A surprisingly good sleep and up before the alarm, then off for breakfast at the Standing Order leaving me refreshed before six shows at the Stand to start the day. First up…

Bridget Christie: A Book For Her.

Another guaranteed winner and a packed out crowd. This was my fourth year and Bridget just gets better. The usual dose of feminism and then some racism material which was a pleasant surprise. As always a top quality show. Next Up…

Michael Legge: Tell it like it is, Steve.

A tale of fandom, with rants galore as you would expect from Michael. A cracking show from beginning to end. I did wonder if a lot of this was because I was also a Marillion fan of old. But feel everyone could identify with the sentiments and message behind the show. An absolute cracker. Staying in the same room next up was…

Eleanor Morton: Allotted Mucking Around Time.

More of a showcase of talents, characters, accents than a coherent show. I was highly expectant having first  seen Eleanor three years before, but ultimately disappointed. Again, staying put, next up was…

Seymour Mace: Niche As F*ck

I love a bit of surreal nonsense and this was right up my street with wackiness from start to finish. A must see. Final show in the room was…

Yianni: Why Did the Chicken Cross the Line?

I sat next to Steve Bennett through this and saw him laughing a lot as the rest of us were. So I was flabbergasted by his subsequent Chortle review. I thought it was the best I have seen Yianni and it was interesting to see taboos breached without causing any offence. Well done indeed. Next a move around the corner for…

Paul Sinha – Postcards From the Z list.

I love Paul, and this was an interesting examination of being a Z-list celebrity. Like Bridget  before there was a book to promote as well. Great style and always a comic to rely on. Next, back to the Hive…

Paul Currie: Release the Baboons.

Another outing for last year’s show, which Carole saw but I couldn’t. An amazing fun filled romp. My favourite show so far. If you haven’t seen this yet, you are clearly an idiot. Staying at the Hive for…

Tim Renkow: Kim Jong-Un, Muhammad, Jesus and Other Power Hungry Maniacs.

We have loved Tim for years and followed his progress up the comedy ladder with great interest. He has come on another country mile since we last saw him. Controversial jokes at times, brilliantly crafted. Excellent.

Spencer Jones presents: The Herbert in Proper Job

Beautiful clowning guaranteed to make you smile. The number of other comics in to see this said a lot. I loved it. Over to the Gilded Balloon for…

Jonny Awsum: Everything is Awsum

Jonny is adored by crowds up and down the country with his interactive musical comedy. This crowd were no different and the people he invited to join him were all up for it. Nothing revolutionary enough to win awards, but feel good at the max. And guaranteed to keep making him in demand at comedy clubs up and down the country.

At this point I decided to just take a wander and end up at the City Café for…

Micky Sharma: Sharma, Sharma, Sharma, Sharma, Sharma, Comedian

I have seen Micky many times, and this late night show with virtually no audience was like a headlining club set, with all material I have seen before. Getting a reaction from the small crowd was like pulling teeth. In retrospect it was a show too far for the day and I should have got an early night.

In no particular order my must see shows of the day were Bridget Christie, Seymour Mace and Paul Currie. With Yianni, Tim Renkow, Spencer Jones and Michael Legge narrowly behind.

Running total 23 shows in two days. And so to bed.



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