15th August 2015 – Edinburgh Day 3

I had a mere nine shows in my schedule for today and decided to scrap the first free one to have a wander around, get breakfast, and buy Carole some presents as I was missing her too much. Three days apart was the longest since we moved in together. With it being Saturday it was going to be busy everywhere and I did not want to overcommit. As well as that, I had a fair amount of walking between shows to contend with. The first show of which was…

Tony Law: Frillemorphesis

The usual hour of nonsense. Unlike previous hits there was a certain incoherence and nothing seemingly overriding the show. As much as I love him, and he is still my favourite, this was the least enjoyable hour I have seen Tony do. Still better than nearly everyone else though. Up to the Assembly Rooms for…

Stewart Lee: A Room with a Stew.  

No-one polarises opinions more than Stewart Lee; he is the most revered and most hated of comics. I fall firmly into the former camp. This hour was a run though of two of his upcoming episodes of Comedy Vehicle. Attacking critics, fans and just about everyone else. The trademark Stew is there and I loved it. Spoke to him briefly afterwards an he will not be touring again until at least 2017, so best to catch him when you can. Supposedly forty minutes to get to the next show but barely made it in time, after fighting through the Edinburgh crowds, for…

Laura Lexx: Lovely

We have been seeing Laura for many years, but this was her debut hour. Telling the tale of her getting married, and bucking the trend of shows having to be about a traumatic event. Laura reminds us that we are lucky to have each day. A refreshing Edinburgh show and great debut. The title says it all. Back to Cowgate and Underbelly for…

Trygve Wakenshaw: Kraken

A feel good hour of mime which was first aired last year. While very enjoyable, I was not wowed by it, which clearly put me in a minority here. Still, it would be very sterile, if we all liked the same thing! Along to the Caves next for…


Four young white males doing sketches. A few were ok, but overall, I found little to like or that showed merit in this show. Up to Underbelly at Potterow for the show I have anticipated most…

Sam Simmons: Spaghetti For Breakfast.

A masterpiece of silliness, but with an overriding theme of child abuse. Absolutely blew me away. As the next show also did…

The Man

An amazing show, with dark humour galore, and several messages attacking injustices in society. Has to be seen to believed. The Man should be a star, and with this, let’s hope justice is done. Over to the Stand for a final compilation show to end the night…

The Stand Late Club.

Lovely line-up of Martin Mor (MC), Mick Ferry, Ria Lina, Jarleth Regan and Seymour Mace. A lovely end to a great day and got to chat to some nice welcoming guys, amongst whom were Mick Ferry and Gavin Webster.

Despite this being a relatively quiet day for me at Edinburgh I have to admit to feeling very tired after the walking around today and am very glad to have kept the shows down to eight.

End of day 3 – 31 shows seen.

Highlights of the day. Sam Simmons, The Man and Laura Lexx. (Stewart Lee would be there too, but he certainly doesn’t need any endorsement from one of his thick fans).



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