16th August 2015 – Edinburgh Day 4

Day four. And off to the Blind Poet/Counting House for three shows. Firstly…

Pundamental Christian.

I did not read up properly on this one as it was a filler and I expected a pile of puns. In reality it was a lot of religious jokes so totally against my own beliefs. Still, some of the jokes were good and it was not an entire wasted hour. Blind Poet – dearest pint of diet coke in Edinburgh that I have found. Next door to the Counting House for…

Mel Moon: Sick Girl

A true story of the debilitating illness Mel has in real life. Lots of fun and very life affirming. It was not what I expected having seen Mel do a musical set in Exeter earlier in the year, but much better and the full audience enjoyed it.  Very good. Moving downstairs for…

Sy Thomas – Jumper

Sy has been on the circuit a very long time and this was his first solo show. The overriding theme being about being able to take the plunge. Very funny comedy along with lots of well made video segues. Great show. Next to the Assembly for…

Goose: Kablamo

Goose’s previous show which we saw at Machynlleth was my favourite of the entire festival and so I was anticipating this. Another brilliant piece of work with Adam Drake sweating for Queen and country. Absolutely amazing and a must see. Over to the Pleasance…


Follow up to their 2014 debut sketch hour and just as good. Very much following the Pappy’s formula for sketch. Not surprising being directed by Tom Parry. Another winner and guaranteed to make you smile. Staying at the Courtyard for…

David Elms: Mister Boy.

I’ve seen a lot of David’s gentle musical comedy and this was another laid back affair with some nice audience interaction. Not in your face, just another wonderful performer guaranteed to make you smile. More sketch at the Pleasance next…

In Cahoots: Two White Guys

We saw these guys a couple of years before upstairs in the Meadow Bar and they were great. They are now even better and stand head and shoulders above some other more vaunted and overhyped acts. My favourite sketch act of the Fringe so far. Finally, for now, at the Pleasance…

James Acaster: Represent

James is one of my favourite performers, a wordsmith of such eloquence you have to be mad not to love him. Another beautifully crafted show. With a few idiots leaving for the toilet just before the end taking away a little momentum. Down to the Caves for…

Mat Ewins: Day Job.

Mat plays several characters in this mental hour. His crowd interactions make this even funnier with some people in the wrong show getting the brunt and contributing greatly to the show. Carole and I both love Mat and he will always be top of our list to see for his amazing creativity.

Next I was due to see Maff Brown at Bar 50 as originally planned via the Fringe program. But he was no longer there so I slid into…

Some News

A topical comedy take on the news co-hosted by Steve N Allen and Erich McElroy. Very enjoyable hour and bound to be different every time. back up to the Pleasance for…

Karl Schulz: Matthew Kelly

A truly insane hour from a twisted mind which left the audience in stitches. Not sure everyone will get this, but it is surrealism at its best and a fantastic hour if you are prepared to go with it. Finally to the Counting House for…

Trevor Feelgood: The Dork Night Rises in 3D

A show which has turned into a cult hit when some comics went along to see it and reported back it was the worst show ever. I had been to Trevor twice during my world record last year. And it was so bad it was brilliant, with awful jokes, awful delivery. But it was also brilliant. Unfortunately at the time of writing his run is finished so you are too late to see it yourself.

Shows of the day: Goose and In Cahoots. With James Acaster, Mat Ewins and Sy Thomas just behind.

12 shows done – 43 in 4 days and over halfway through the trip already.



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