17th August – Edinburgh Day 5

Up early so popped into the Free Sisters for a couple of early morning shows. First up…

Life Gives You Lemons.

Can’t remember too much about this, apart from it being in a yurt and a few lemons being handed out. Pleasant enough hour but utterly forgettable.

David Callaghan: No Momentum.

This was packed out and people turned away. Surreal nonsense with at one point David climbing over the audience with a model airplane hanging from his head being chased by the Nazis. Utterly charming and a lot of fun.

Over to the Voodoo Rooms for a planned six shows (but more of that later)

Danielle Ward: Danni Frankenstein.

Hip Hop musical comedy. Brilliant, loved it. Plenty of messages too.

John Osbourne

Light hearted poetry. Charming and relaxing.

Jessica Fostekew: Imaginary Colin.

Pregnant Jessica musing about what the future holds with her baby due. Another brilliant hour from one of our favourites.

Abi Roberts: Downtown Abi

Engaging comedy which has drawn in big crowds. While I have loved Abi’s Musical CID shows, this was enjoyable but didn’t blow me away. Unfortunately it also violated one of my pet hates at Edinburgh. The show started on time, but finished a full 12 minutes late. Meaning I was substantially late for David Mills show in the room next door, and knowing he hates latecomers, went for food instead. A shame as David Mills is a genius.

John-Luke Roberts: Stdad-up

Continuing JLR’s madcap shows. This one had the insults to the crowd and the singing teeth, but had a real life message behind it. A dead dad story told in such a unique way it was utterly amazing. I felt it came at the wrong time as during the week I have heard dead dad stories described as clichéd more than once. But for me this was my show of the fringe to this point. Over to the Pleasance Courtyard for…

Joseph Morpurgo: Soothing Sounds For Baby.

Joseph’s show in 2014 was a brilliant mix of live interactions and video. This was similar. The patsy from the crowd was amazing and made the part his own. The show was fantastic and another must see.

John Hastings: Marked From The Start

Another amazing straight stand up show from John who grabs the audience’s attention from the get go and never lets go. Far surpassed last year’s debut effort which we thought was amazing too. Finally over to the Assembly Rooms for…

Phil Nichol’s Cray Cray Cabaret.

A perfect way to end a night at the Fringe. Phil and Bec Hill host a show with a live band and guests. Tonight we had Adam Hills, Jim Campbell, Alex Edelman and Thom Tuck. The latter two sang too. Best late night show of this year’s Fringe.

Ten shows today – running total 53 in five days and the end already approaching fast.

Must see shows. Jessica Fostekew, John Luke Roberts, Joseph Morpurgo and Cray Cray Cabaret. Very narrowly behind and still highly recommended Danielle Ward and John Hastings.



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