18th August – Day 6 in Edinburgh

On the home stretch.

A few changes to the start of the day with five free shows to begin with. The first two were at Whistlebinkies.

The Full Irish.

Grumpy host and totally forgettable acts in this compilation show, with the sole exception being Conor Drum who I enjoyed. Typical early morning showcase.

Camden Comedy Club.

Overly enthusiastic compere made me want to kill myself. And acts were largely dire. Another wasted hour. I was hoping it was going to get better over at Cabaret Voltaire…

Alastair Clark – Getting Better

Pretty good show about depression. Certainly better than what had gone before. Very little uplifting here.

Dan Mitchell – Plate Expectations.

I like Dan and this started very well with audience interaction and lots of nice stuff about animals. Then it seemed to lose its way in the second half. Sorry Dan. Over to Movement for another free show and a much hyped one too…

Alistair Barrie – No More Stage Three

Quality show from a quality stand-up featuring his wife’s ongoing battle with breast cancer. Was it as good as Beth Vyse’s show on the same subject? Not even close in my book but still very good. Over to the Pleasance…

Larry Dean: Out Now!

Full hour from one of our favourites who we have followed as he climbed the comedy ladder. He is as personable as anyone doing comedy today and will make a lot of new friends with this show.

Phil Jerrod: Neanderthal.

Lot’s of incredibly funny rants are Phil’s trademark. A very fresh breakthrough act indeed, with a big future. To the White Horse…

Eleanor Tiernan – Don’t Cry For Me Eleanor Tiernan

I loved Eleanor’s show from start to finish. A lovely Irish lilt and lots of laughs. Beautiful. Back to the Pleasance…

Luke McQueen: Double Act.

Amazing show, following last year’s amazing offering, had everybody roaring with laughter and wondering what the hell was going on next. Finally…

The Wrestling

Anyone who doesn’t know about this by now knows nothing about the Fringe. The greatest one off event came to town for the third time. Nick Helm, Bridget Christie, Brendon Burns, Andrew Maxwell, Aisling Bea, Katherine Ryan, Joe Lycett, Mike Wozniak and dozens more in a truly unique spectacle.

The Wrestling was by far the show of the day. On a normal day Larry Dean, Eleanor Tiernan and Luke McQueen would have been the standouts and I highly recommend them all. Closely followed by Phil Jerrod.

Ten more shows – running total 63. One more full day to go.



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