20th August 2015 – Last Day at the Fringe (for now)

I checked out of the hostel and popped to the bus station to leave my luggage but then I realised that I could only leave it for twelve hours without being charged twice, so had to sit and wait for an hour so I would be able to pick up in less than twelve hours!! Finally I got to go and get breakfast and then trundled down to the Newsroom for…

Hurt and Anderson: Sketchbombs
Two girls and a mixture of sketches and songs. Not a bad start to the day. Some of the sketches were a bit generic especially the speed dating ones which reccurred regularly throughout the show, but these were very funny. Happy to have seen. To the Stand for the rest of the day…
Lost Voice Guy: Disability for Dunces
Loved the presentation and humour. A unique presentation which really works. My only problem here was that the same monotone computerised voice for an hour was so soothing it was difficult to concentrate on it for that length of time without drifitng off. Still a very good act indeed.

John Robertson: Let’s Redecorate
A very personal show from John who we have known for several years. By far his best work (and we were already big fans). Exploring suicide, personal fetishes and more. At times dark but always funny and entertaining.

Tiff Stevenson: Mad Man
Wonderful show from Tiff, with lots of messages. A great performer, will always be top of our list.

Ria Lina: Taboo Raider
Ria likes to push the boundaries. Many of her jokes are near to the knuckle and wonderful. A great entertainer. And always looks so happy performing, probably revelling in the audience’s reactions , which is in contrast to the material being performed.

Gavin Webster: The Sexist’s Sexist
I had met Gavin a couple of times earlier in the week and had been looking forward to seeing him perform for a long time. Not to be disappointed. He turned winning an award last year into a very silly, but hilarious tale about craving more awards. Brilliant stuff.

Sarah Franken: Who Keeps Making All These People?
Sarah has grabbed attention for her decision to ‘come out’ as transgendered having performed as Will and being billed as Will when the program came out. She has been disillusioned at some of her audiences, who seemingly have come to watch ‘the freak’. This was a masterpiece of near the knuckle political character comedy. So intelligent, so meaningful, so witty. A wonderful show to end my week.
I had just enough time to pop over to Stand in the Square to say hi to Steve Best for the first time. His Comedy Snapshot book has kept me busy collecting autographs for a year. Over 136 and counting. Then it was 11pm and onto the Megabus 1 to London then a very brief stop and onto Megabus 2 to Plymouth. A 16 hour journey in total.
The final day highlights? John Robertson, Tiff, Stevenson, Gavin Webster and Sarah Franken would have all stood out on any of my other days here. But hard to find any fault on a lovely final day.
Seven shows – total 80 in 7 and a bit days.
I am driving back up for the 28th-30th with Carole for another 28 shows (she is going to visit family so only doing 2!). So the fun isn’t over quite yet.


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