23rd September 2015 – It’s a wrap

Over the past few months we have found it more and more of a chore to keep this blog up to date.

What we were originally trying to achieve was to give a view of what real comedy fans get up to. And for a long while this was enjoyable and well received.

But the constant hassle and wasted money going to gigs where we pay for one thing and get something else has taken away most of the enjoyment we once had going to gigs and writing about them. We didn’t start this to keep moaning about bad experience after bad experience, rather to celebrate something we love.

Instead of supporting local comedy we have found ourselves, more and more, actively distancing ourselves from it.

The constant changes to lineups has made us disheartened. That’s not to say it hasn’t been the same when we have travelled to gigs in other parts of the country as well..

So we have decided to generally not go to any local club gigs bar the always excellent Plymouth Comedy Club, which continues to make going to comedy worthwhile. We may make an occasional exception for something outstanding. For the rest of the time, we will stick with seeing touring shows, previews, Machynlleth and Edinburgh. And maybe the odd weekend away.

And so we are abandoning the blog itself as it no longer has the meaning we originally intended though we may decide to post an occasional ‘festival’ blog, monthly round up or the like in the future. Rest assured we will still see many of you around.

Ciao, Plymouth ho ho ho

Addendum: To put some context about what we are saying – is that we are mostly giving up club type comedy. In 2013 we went to 259 shows 60 of which fell into this category, 2014 410/39, 2015 202/19. So the amount of club comedy we have been going to has become less and less because of the constant hassles. If,for instance, I call the ‘longest running comedy club in the South West’  (not true) a couple of hours before a gig is supposed to start and get told they “have no idea who is on, it will be whoever turns up” – why should I then fork out £20 + travel and drinks for something totally on spec.  


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