The World Record

*** Update 17th February 2015 ***

Finally got my certificate from Guinness. Here it is…


*** Update 7th January 2015 ***

This morning I had confirmation that the record was accepted by Guinness and I am now the official record holder with a total of 304. It has been a very long wait, but the certificate is in the post!


Anyone who knows us will know that since the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe, I have been planning an assault  on the Guinness World Record for the most shows seen during a season of the Edinburgh Fringe, the current record being held by Nigel Tantrum of 169 complete performances which he set in 1994.

When I first came up with the idea, I thought I would try and stick to a venue for a whole day where possible and just add early and late shows onto that. The idea was that the majority of the record would be using the Free Fringe, but it was also suggested that I contact a the bigger venues to try and get a day’s shows donated.

The first of these, was the Gilded Balloon who almost immediately came back saying it was a great idea and just to let them know what we wanted. The second was the Pleasance, the biggest single entity at the Fringe who came back with another idea that took the record attempt in a whole different direction. They challenged us to see as many of their 200+ shows as possible as part of their 30th Anniversary celebrations. It was an offer that was simply too good  to turn down. Chrissy and Hamish at the Pleasance have been wonderfully supportive from day one and we are indebted to them for making this happen. They were also happy for us to fill any gaps in their schedule with other shows.

So once we had firmed up our schedule maximising their shows (213 planned) I went back to the Gilded Balloon and asked if they would still support us, to be honest I thought this might now be a conflict of interest for them, but no, Lindsay came back straight away and told us to just ask for what we wanted. Oliver at Underbelly and Daryl at Just The Tonic immediately followed suit. Oliver asking if we could fit more of the Underbelly shows into our schedule as they didn’t want to be outdone. We have also had dozens of acts offering us their shows for free and it has been with an extremely heavy heart that I have had to turn so many down.

Chortle did a piece on the record attempt this has also been picked up by the i newspaper as well as the Guardian and Stage.

The record took place between 30th July-25th August 2014. And a total of 304 shows were seen. The paperwork has been done and sent off to Guinness for verification.

The full list of shows seen is below:

30-Jul Pleasance Queen Dome The Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show The 10:30 11:30
30-Jul Pleasance Cellar Hemline Index The 12:00 13:00
30-Jul Pleasance Cellar Big Bite-Size Plays Factory Goes Down The Toilet Chi 13:15 14:00
30-Jul Pleasance Cellar Normal/Madness The 14:15 15:15
30-Jul Pleasance Cellar Max Dickens : My Groupon Adventure Com 15:30 16:30
30-Jul Pleasance Cellar David Elms : Nurture Boy Com 16:45 17:45
30-Jul Pleasance Cellar Angela Barnes : You Cant Take It With You Com 18:00 19:00
30-Jul Pleasance Cellar AAA Stand-Up Com 19:15 20:15
30-Jul Pleasance Cellar Rhys Mathewson – Hombre Lobo Com 20:30 21:30
30-Jul Pleasance Cellar John Hastings – Adventure Com 21:45 22:45
30-Jul Pleasance Cellar AAA Stand-Up Late Com 23:00 00:00
31-Jul Pleasance Queen Dome The Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show The 10:30 11:30
31-Jul Pleasance Jack Dome The Hive The 12:10 13:10
31-Jul Pleasance Jack Dome Lorraine & Alan The 13:30 14:30
31-Jul Pleasance Jack Dome Travesti The 14:50 15:50
31-Jul Pleasance Jack Dome Broke The 16:10 17:10
31-Jul Pleasance Jack Dome Dan Nightingale is Trying His Best Not To Be a Dick Com 17:30 18:30
31-Jul Pleasance Jack Dome Lloyd Langford : Old Fashioned Com 18:50 19:50
31-Jul Pleasance Jack Dome Mat Ricardo : Showman Com 20:10 21:10
31-Jul Pleasance Jack Dome The Comedy Reserve Com 21:30 22:30
31-Jul Pleasance Jack Dome Andrew O’Neill’s History of Heavy Metal Com 22:45 23:45
31-Jul Pleasance Jack Dome John Conway Tonight Com 00:00 01:00
01-Aug Pleasance Queen Dome The Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show The 10:30 11:30
01-Aug Pleasance 10 Dome Happy The 11:40 12:40
01-Aug Pleasance 10 Dome Goodbye Gunther The 12:50 13:50
01-Aug Pleasance 10 Dome Wingman The 14:10 15:25
01-Aug Pleasance 10 Dome Deborah Frances-White : Half a Can of Worms Com 15:45 17:00
01-Aug Pleasance 10 Dome Joseph Morpurgo : Odessa Com 17:20 18:20
01-Aug Pleasance 10 Dome Tim Fitzhigham : Hellfire Com 18:40 19:40
01-Aug Pleasance 10 Dome Nathan Caton : Teenage Mutant Nathan Caton Com 20:00 21:00
01-Aug Pleasance 10 Dome Jonny & The Baptists : The Satiric Verses Com 21:40 22:40
01-Aug Pleasance 10 Dome McQueen : McQueen Com 23:00 00:00
01-Aug Pleasance Cabaret Bar Late Show Com 00:20 02:00
02-Aug Pleasance Grand Opening Gala     (See notes at bottom) The 11:00 12:00
02-Aug Pleasance Above I Hate Children Childrens Show Chi 12:35 13:35
02-Aug Pleasance Above Backstage in Biscuit land The 13:55 14:55
02-Aug Pleasance Above I Need A Doctor : The Whosical Com 15:15 16:25
02-Aug Pleasance Above Inheritance Blues The 16:45 18:00
02-Aug Pleasance Above The Only Way Is Downton Com 18:20 19:20
02-Aug Pleasance Above WitTank : Old School Secrets Com 19:40 20:40
02-Aug Pleasance Above Eddie Pepitone : RIP America, It’s Been Fun Com 21:00 22:00
02-Aug Pleasance Above Come Heckle Christ Com 22:20 23:20
02-Aug Gilded Balloon Rob Deering’s Beat This Com 23:45 00:45
03-Aug Free Sisters Japanese Samurai Don Quixote Challenging Giant English Windmills Com 10:00 11:00
03-Aug Free Sisters The Very Scarisome Tooth Fairy Chi 11:00 12:00
03-Aug Free Sisters What Shall We See Today? Com 12:15 13:15
03-Aug Whistlebinkies Wishful Thinking: Jen Brister Com 13:30 14:30
03-Aug Gilded Balloon Juliette Burton : Look At Me Com 14:45 15:45
03-Aug Pleasance Ace Dome Cambridge Footlights International Tour Show 2014 : Real Feelings Com 16:00 17:00
03-Aug Pleasance Ace Dome Hardeep Singh Kohli : Hardeep is Your Love Com 17:20 18:20
03-Aug Pleasance Ace Dome Fast Fringe Com 18:40 19:40
03-Aug Pleasance Ace Dome Des Bishop : Made In China Com 20:00 21:00
03-Aug Pleasance Ace Dome Jess Robinson : Mighty Voice Com 21:40 22:40
03-Aug Pleasance Ace Dome Foul Play : The F*cking Nasty Show Com 23:00 00:00
03-Aug Bobs Bookshop IndieRound with Bob Slayer & Tim Fitzingham Com 00:20 02:20
04-Aug Free Sisters Breakfast Baps With Witty Chaps Com 09:00 09:45
04-Aug Free Sisters Lexicon Lady Spo 10:00 10:50
04-Aug Free Sisters The Princess Pirate Chi 11:30 12:30
04-Aug Pleasance Attic …and This Is My Friend Mr Laurel The 12:40 13:35
04-Aug Pleasance Attic Live Forever The 13:50 15:00
04-Aug Pleasance Attic Catriona Knox : Thinks She’s Hard Enough Com 15:15 16:15
04-Aug Pleasance Attic Rachel Parris : Live In Vegas Com 16:30 17:30
04-Aug Pleasance Attic Toby : Fuzzbuzz Com 17:45 18:45
04-Aug Pleasance Attic Stuart Goldsmith : Extra Life Com 19:00 20:00
04-Aug Pleasance Attic Alex Edelman : Millennial Com 20:15 21:15
04-Aug Pleasance Attic Tom Price : Not As Nice As He Looks Com 21:30 22:30
04-Aug Pleasance Attic Geins Family Giftshop : Volume 1 Com 22:45 23:45
04-Aug Just The Tonic Community Project Just The Tonic Comedy Club’s Midnight Show Com 00:00 01:30
05-Aug Pleasance Green Musical Mornings with Mil’s Trills Chi 10:30 11:15
05-Aug Pleasance Below Mildred and the Midnight City Chi 11:45 12:45
05-Aug Pleasance Below Government Inspector The 13:00 14:00
05-Aug Pleasance Below Show Off The 14:15 15:15
05-Aug Pleasance Below The Sleeping Trees Treeology The 15:30 16:30
05-Aug Pleasance Below Rhys James : begins Com 16:45 17:45
05-Aug Pleasance Below Massive Dad Com 18:00 19:00
05-Aug Pleasance Below Lee Griffiths : Post Traumatic Sketch Disorder Com 19:15 20:15
05-Aug Pleasance Below Igor Meerson : Hou I lernt inglish Com 20:30 21:30
05-Aug Pleasance Below Beth Vyse : Get Up With Hands Com 21:45 22:45
05-Aug Pleasance Below Excited!!! Com 23:00 00:00
05-Aug Counting House Mr Harris Com 00:30 01:15
06-Aug Pleasance Beside Bits & Box Chi 11:45 12:35
06-Aug Pleasance Beside Beowulf: The Blockbuster The 12:50 14:00
06-Aug Pleasance Beside Talk About Something You Like The 14:15 15:15
06-Aug Pleasance Beside The Greatest Liar in All the World The 15:30 16:30
06-Aug Pleasance Beside BEASTS : Solo Com 16:45 17:45
06-Aug Pleasance Beside Ian Smith – Flappable Com 18:00 19:00
06-Aug Pleasance Beside Nish Kumar : Ruminations on the Nature of Subjectivity Com 19:15 20:15
06-Aug Pleasance Beside Chris Martin : Responsibilliness Com 20:30 21:30
06-Aug Pleasance Beside John Robins : This Tornado Loves You Com 21:45 22:45
06-Aug Pleasance Beside Alfie Brown : Divorced From Reality (And My Wife) Com 23:00 00:00
06-Aug Free Sisters W*nk the Dog Com 00:45 01:45
07-Aug Free Sisters Lulo’s Shitting In Narnia Com 10:00 11:00
07-Aug Pleasance Upstairs Aaanad now for something completely Improvised Com 11:45 12:45
07-Aug Pleasance Upstairs Night Bus The 13:00 14:00
07-Aug Pleasance Upstairs My Obsession The 14:30 15:00
07-Aug Pleasance Upstairs Connected The Musical M&O 15:30 16:30
07-Aug Pleasance Upstairs Casual Violence : The Great Fire of Nostril Com 16:45 17:45
07-Aug Pleasance Upstairs The Pin Com 18:00 19:00
07-Aug Pleasance Upstairs Iain Stirling – Everything Com 19:15 20:15
07-Aug Pleasance Upstairs Carl Donnelly : Now That’s What I Call Carl Donnelly Vol 6 Com 20:30 21:30
07-Aug Pleasance Upstairs David Trent : Live at the Pleasance Courtyard Com 21:45 22:45
07-Aug Pleasance Upstairs It Might Get Ugly Com 23:00 00:30
07-Aug Free Sisters W*nk the Dog Com 00:45 01:45
08-Aug Greenside These Fragments Chi 09:45 10:45
08-Aug Pleasance Two The Snow Dog Chi 11:00 11:55
08-Aug Pleasance Two The Art of Falling Apart The 12:20 13:40
08-Aug Pleasance Two Emily Brown and the Thing Chi 14:05 15:00
08-Aug Pleasance Two Hot Cat The 15:30 16:30
08-Aug Pleasance Two Civil Rogues The 17:00 18:00
08-Aug Pleasance Two He Had Hairy Hands The 18:30 19:40
08-Aug Pleasance Two Alex Horne : Monsieur Butterfly Com 20:10 21:10
08-Aug Pleasance Two Sarah Kendall : Touchdown Com 21:30 22:30
08-Aug Pleasance Two The Noise Next Door’s Comedy Lock-In Com 22:50 23:50
08-Aug Pleasance Cabaret Bar Late Show Com 00:20 02:00
09-Aug Free Sisters Lexicon Lady Spo 10:00 10:50
09-Aug Free Sisters Ray Fordyce’s Brunchtime Banter (Part 2) Com 11:00 12:00
09-Aug Pleasance Queen Dome The Word Café Spo 12:20 13:20
09-Aug Pleasance Queen Dome Austentatious : An Improvised Jane Austen Novel Com 13:40 14:40
09-Aug Pleasance Queen Dome Swimming The 15:00 16:00
09-Aug Pleasance Queen Dome Blofeld and Baxter Spo 16:20 17:20
09-Aug Pleasance Queen Dome Jason Cook : Broken Com 17:40 18:40
09-Aug Pleasance Queen Dome Mr Swallow – The Musical Com 19:00 20:00
09-Aug Pleasance Queen Dome Dan Clark : Me, My Selfie And I Com 20:20 21:10
09-Aug Pleasance Queen Dome Adam of the Riches Com 21:45 22:45
09-Aug Pleasance Queen Dome Another F*cking Variety Show Cab 23:00 00:30
09-Aug Counting House Bring On The Apocalypse Com 01:15 02:15
10-Aug The Stand Bridget Christie : An Ungrateful Woman Com 11:10 12:10
10-Aug Pleasance This A Little Nonsense The 13:00 14:00
10-Aug Pleasance This Robin and Partridge : Robin Dies at the End of the Show Com 14:15 15:15
10-Aug Pleasance This Dan Jones : New Kid Com 15:30 16:30
10-Aug Pleasance This Thunderbards : Seconds Com 16:45 17:45
10-Aug Hive Tim Renkow : At Least Hell Has Ramps Com 18:00 18:50
10-Aug Pleasance This Lloyd Griffith : Voice of an Angel, Body of a Trucker Com 19:15 20:15
10-Aug Pleasance This Simon Feilder : All the Things I’m Not Com 20:30 21:30
10-Aug Pleasance This Ed Gamble : Gambletron 5000 Com 21:45 22:45
10-Aug Pleasance This The Jest Com 23:00 00:00
10-Aug Counting House Cosmonauts Com 01:00 02:00
11-Aug Pleasance Grand Dinosaur Zoo Chi 11:00 12:00
11-Aug City Café LOL Olympics Com 12:30 13:30
11-Aug Whistlebinkies Wishful Thinking: Jen Brister Com 13:30 14:30
11-Aug Whistlebinkies Gary Colman – Chunt Com 14:45 15:45
11-Aug The Hive Candy Gigi: I’m Not Lonely Com 16:00 16:40
11-Aug Pleasance Grand Voca People The 18:00 19:10
11-Aug Bar 50 Tom Goodliffe – Thug Liffe Com 16:45 17:45
11-Aug Pleasance Grand This Is Brasil Dan 20:00 21:00
11-Aug White Horse Sully O’Sullivan : Nationhood Com 21:15 22:15
11-Aug Pleasance Grand Nick Helm’s Two Night Stand at the Grand Com 23:00 01:00
11-Aug Counting House Trevor Feelgood Sex Machine Com 01:15 02:15
12-Aug Greenside Homeless The 09:10 10:00
12-Aug Pleasance Two Big Red Bath Chi 11:00 11:45
12-Aug Pleasance The Pub Early Doors The 12:00 13:00
12-Aug St Johns Nicky Wilkinson & Friends Com 13:15 14:15
12-Aug St Johns Mercedes Benson Present’s The Pleasure Is Yours Com 14:30 15:20
12-Aug St Johns Funbags a Go-Go! Com 15:45 16:35
12-Aug Counting House Ahir Shah Texture Com 17:00 18:00
12-Aug Bobs Bookshop Devvo’s Deal or No Dealer Gaymeshow Com 18:40 19:40
12-Aug Pleasance Grand Tartan Ribbon Comedy Benefit Com 20:00 21:30
12-Aug Pleasance Forth Simon Amstell – Tour Previews Com 22:00 23:00
12-Aug Free Sisters Shaggers Com 23:15 00:15
13-Aug Free Sisters The Dead Pony Society Com 11:15 12:00
13-Aug Just the Tonic Caves The Lunchtime Ferret Com 12:40 13:40
13-Aug Banshee Labyrinth Stuart Laws When’s This Gonna Stop Com 14:20 15:20
13-Aug Banshee Labyrinth Chris Coltrane : There’s No Heroes Left Except All of Us Com 15:30 16:30
13-Aug Gilded Balloon Gordon Southern : Your New Favourite Comedian Com 17:30 18:30
13-Aug Gilded Balloon Milo McCabe: Troy Hawke Com 18:45 19:45
13-Aug Gilded Balloon Pat Monahan: Adventures In Monahan Land Com 20:00 21:00
13-Aug Gilded Balloon Tiff Stevenson : Optimist Com 21:15 22:15
13-Aug Gilded Balloon Hedluv and Passman – Doin’ It Dreckley Com 22:30 23:30
13-Aug Gilded Balloon Comedy Countdown Com 23:59 01:29
14-Aug Pleasance Green Musical Mornings with Mil’s Trills Chi 10:30 11:15
14-Aug Greenside The Hunting Of The Snark The 11:30 12:20
14-Aug Pleasance Bunker One Sochi 2014 The 12:50 13:50
14-Aug Banshee Labyrinth Hooray For Ben Target Com 14:00 14:50
14-Aug Pleasance Bunker One Tania Edwards : Always Rihgt Com 15:20 16:20
14-Aug Pleasance Bunker One Danny Ward – Infra Dig Com 16:35 17:35
14-Aug Pleasance Bunker One Phil Wang : Mellow Yellow Com 17:50 18:50
14-Aug Pleasance Bunker One Tom Craine : Thoughts on Love (By A Man With None of the Answers) Com 19:05 20:05
14-Aug Pleasance Bunker One Carl Hutchinson : Here’s Me Show Com 20:20 21:20
14-Aug Pleasance Bunker One Henry Paker : Unpacked Com 21:35 22:35
14-Aug Pleasance Bunker One Francesco De Carlo : Italians Do It Later Com 22:50 23:50
14-Aug Gilded Balloon Bacchanalia Cab 00:30 02:00
15-Aug Space on North Bridge Frozen The 09:25 10:40
15-Aug Free Sisters Ray Fordyce’s Brunchtime Banter (Part 2) Com 11:00 12:00
15-Aug Pleasance Beneath Dylan Thomas Return Journey The 12:15 13:30
15-Aug Pleasance Beneath Mock Tudor The 13:45 14:45
15-Aug Pleasance Beneath Kingmaker The 15:00 16:00
15-Aug Pleasance Beneath Jamaica Farewell The 16:15 17:30
15-Aug Pleasance Beneath Clever Peter : The Dreams Factory Com 17:45 18:45
15-Aug Pleasance Beneath The Beta Males : Happenstance Com 19:00 20:00
15-Aug Pleasance Beneath Romesh Ranganathan : Rom Wasn’t Built In A Day Com 20:15 21:15
15-Aug Pleasance Beneath Pete Johansson : Several Jokes Com 21:30 22:30
15-Aug Pleasance Beneath Julian McCullough : Dream Girls Com 22:45 23:45
15-Aug Pleasance Beneath Tom Rosenthal Work In Progress Com 00:05 00:55
15-Aug Counting House Trevor Feelgood Sex Machine Com 01:15 02:15
16-Aug Greenside Into The Woods The 09:45 10:55
16-Aug Counting House Scotland’s Referend…uhm? Com 11:00 11:50
16-Aug King Dome The Curing Room The 12:00 13:30
16-Aug King Dome #MyWay The 14:10 15:10
16-Aug King Dome When It Rains The 15:35 16:45
16-Aug King Dome Light The 17:15 18:35
16-Aug King Dome Morgan and West : Parlour Tricks Com 19:00 20:00
16-Aug King Dome Shappi Khorsandi : Because I’m Shappi Com 20:30 21:30
16-Aug King Dome Marcel Lucont is Com 22:00 23:00
16-Aug King Dome McNeil and Pamphilon Go 8-Bit Com 23:20 00:30
17-Aug Summerhall Duck, Death and the Tulip Chi 10:00 10:40
17-Aug Summerhall Nothing (See notes at bottom) The 10:50 11:45
17-Aug Pleasance One The Cat in the Hat Chi 12:05 12:45
17-Aug Pleasance One The Complete History of Comedy (Abridged) The 13:05 14:20
17-Aug Pleasance One Potted Sherlock Chi 14:50 16:00
17-Aug Pleasance One Ernest and the Pale Moon The 16:30 17:30
17-Aug Pleasance One Peter Straker : Black Magic Mus 18:00 19:00
17-Aug Pleasance One Tim Vine : Timtiminee Timtiminee Tim Tim To You Com 19:30 20:30
17-Aug Pleasance One Mark Watson : Flaws Com 21:00 22:00
17-Aug Pleasance One Chris Ramsey : The Most Dangerous Man On Saturday Morning Television Com 22:30 23:30
17-Aug Just the Tonic Caves Tomorrow with Ron Lynch Com 00:00 01:00
18-Aug Pleasance Above Decomposed : My Brother’s Turning Into A Zombie Chi 11:15 12:15
18-Aug Gilded Balloon Abi Roberts Musical CID Com 12:30 13:30
18-Aug Pleasance King Dome Wireless Theatre Presents Couples Who Changed The World The 14:10 15:10
18-Aug Ciao Roma Short & Curly : Who Dunnit? Com 15:20 16:20
18-Aug Counting House Adventures On Air Com 16:30 17:20
18-Aug Counting House Matt Price : The Maryhill Dinosaur Com 17:45 18:45
18-Aug Counting House The Irrational Fear of Rillettes Com 19:00 19:45
18-Aug Pleasance Jack Dome Cariad & Paul : A Two-Player Adventure Com 20:10 21:10
18-Aug Gilded Balloon Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre – And So Am I Com 22:30 23:30
18-Aug Gilded Balloon Will Seawards Spooky Midnight Ghost Stories Com 00:00 01:00
18-Aug Gilded Balloon Late N Live Com 01:00 05:00
19-Aug Counting House Ben Mepstead : Middle Class idiots Com 10:40 11:40
19-Aug Cabaret Voltaire You Will Be taken From This Place Spo 12:00 13:00
19-Aug Bannermans Pippa Evans: Don’t Worry, I Don’t Know Who I Am Either Com 13:45 14:35
19-Aug Just The Tonic @ Mash House #meetandtweet Com 15:00 16:00
19-Aug City Café Clever Peter : Free For All! Com 16:15 17:10
19-Aug Pleasance Forth Knightmare Live Com 17:30 18:30
19-Aug Pleasance Forth Red Bastard Com 19:00 20:10
19-Aug Pleasance Forth Lights Camera Improvise The Imrovised Movie Com 20:30 21:30
19-Aug Pleasance Below Beth Vyse : Get Up With Hands Com 21:45 22:45
19-Aug Just The Tonic at The Caves American Roadshow Com 23:20 00:20
19-Aug Free Sisters W*nk the Dog Com 00:45 01:45
20-Aug Free Sisters The Oxford Imps Present: The Curious Case of The Improvised Musical Chi 10:00 10:50
20-Aug Free Sisters Biff! Bash! Bosh! Chi 11:00 11:40
20-Aug Pleasance Bunker Two The 3rd Sector The 12:15 13:30
20-Aug Pleasance Bunker Two KATE The 13:45 14:45
20-Aug Pleasance Bunker Two Lizzie Bates : Reprobates Com 15:00 16:00
20-Aug Pleasance Bunker Two Tom Neenan : The Haunting at Lopham House Com 16:15 17:15
20-Aug Pleasance Bunker Two Dane Baptiste : Citizen Dane Com 17:30 18:30
20-Aug Pleasance Bunker Two Chris Turner : Pretty Fly Com 18:45 19:45
20-Aug Pleasance Bunker Two Luke McQueen : Now That’s What I Luke McQueen Com 20:00 21:00
20-Aug Pleasance Bunker Two Pierre Novellie is Mighty Peter Com 21:15 22:15
20-Aug Pleasance Bunker Two Al Lubel in … I’m Still Al Lubel Com 22:30 23:30
20-Aug Free Sisters Andy Field is a Giddy Manchild Com 23:45 00:45
21-Aug Greenside A Collection Of Grimm’s Fairytales The 10:20 11:10
21-Aug Pleasance Beyond Sid’s Show Chi 11:30 12:20
21-Aug Pleasance Beyond Dr Longitude’s Marvellous Imaginary Menagerie The 13:00 14:00
21-Aug Cabaret Voltaire Nathaniel Metcalfe: Trivial Pursuits Com 14:35 15:35
21-Aug Greenside The Clean As Possible Comedy Show Com 16:05 01:05
21-Aug Gilded Balloon Wendy Wason: Hotel California Com 17:15 18:15
21-Aug Pleasance Beyond NewsRevue 2014 Com 18:30 19:30
21-Aug Pleasance Beyond Pete Firman : Trickster Com 20:00 21:00
21-Aug Pleasance Beyond Dracula The 21:20 22:35
21-Aug Pleasance Beyond Late Night Gimp Fight : The Worst Of Late Night Gimp Fight Com 23:00 00:00
21-Aug White Horse Imaginary Girlfriend Cab 01:00 02:00
22-Aug Counting House Scotland’s Referend…uhm? Com 11:00 11:50
22-Aug Counting House Ellie Taylor: Elliementary Com 12:00 13:00
22-Aug Pleasance Cabaret Bar Best of Edinburgh Showcase Show Com 13:10 14:10
22-Aug Pleasance Cabaret Bar Matt Forde : 24 Hour Political Party People Com 14:30 15:30
22-Aug Pleasance Cabaret Bar Neil Henry’s Impossible Com 15:50 16:50
22-Aug Pleasance Cabaret Bar Paxo Spo 17:20 18:20
22-Aug Pleasance Cabaret Bar Tom Binns Has Not Been Himself Com 18:40 19:40
22-Aug Pleasance Cabaret Bar James Acaster : Recognise Com 20:00 21:00
22-Aug Pleasance Cabaret Bar Seann Walsh : Seann 28 Com 21:20 22:20
22-Aug Pleasance Cabaret Bar The Comedy Zone Com 22:45 00:15
22-Aug Pleasance Cabaret Bar Late Show Com 00:20 02:00
23-Aug Free Sisters The Oxford Imps Present: The Curious Case of The Improvised Musical Chi 10:00 10:50
23-Aug Free Sisters Ray Fordyce’s Brunchtime Banter (Part 2) Com 10:50 11:50
23-Aug Pleasance That A Slight Ache The 12:45 13:45
23-Aug Pleasance That Years to the Day The 13:50 15:00
23-Aug Pleasance That Surname & Surname : Bang! Com 15:15 16:15
23-Aug Pleasance That The Twins Macabre : Small Mediums At Large Com 16:30 17:30
23-Aug Pleasance That Lucy Beaumont : We Can Twerk it Out Com 17:45 18:45
23-Aug Pleasance That Lazy Susan : Extreme Humans Com 19:00 20:00
23-Aug Pleasance That Ivo Graham : Bow Ties and Johnnies Com 20:15 21:15
23-Aug Pleasance That Yacine Belhousse : Made In France Com 21:30 22:30
23-Aug Pleasance That Mat Ewins : The Six Million Dollar Ewins Com 22:45 23:45
23-Aug Pleasance Cabaret Bar Late Show Com 00:20 02:00
24-Aug Stand in the Square Funny Stuff For Happy People Chi 11:00 11:50
24-Aug Pleasance Green The Tale of the Dastardly Defrost Chi 12:45 13:45
24-Aug Pleasance Green Funz And Gamez Chi 14:00 15:00
24-Aug Pleasance Green Little Prince In The Desert Chi 15:25 16:30
24-Aug Pleasance Green Jay Foreman’s Disgusting Songs For Revolting Children (And Other Funny Stories) Chi 16:45 17:45
24-Aug Cowgatehead Alexander Bennett: Follow Me Com 18:15 19:15
24-Aug Cowgatehead Hennessey & Friends Com 19:30 20:30
24-Aug Underbelly Cowgate John Robertson: The Dark Room Com 20:40 21:40
24-Aug Underbelly Cowgate Foil, Arms & Hog : Loch’d Com 22:00 23:00
24-Aug Underbelly Cowgate Best of Scottish Comedian of the Year Com 23:20 00:20
24-Aug Counting House Improv From the Crypt Com 00:45 01:45
25-Aug Pleasance Queen Dome The Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show The 10:30 11:30
25-Aug Pleasance Queen Dome Merry Christmas, Ms Meadows The 11:50 13:20
25-Aug Pleasance Above Blind The 13:55 14:55
25-Aug Pleasance Grand The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) (Revised) The 16:00 17:00
25-Aug Gilded Balloon Chris Kent – Corked Com 17:30 18:30
25-Aug Gilded Balloon Kai Humphries: Stuff Protocol Com 18:45 19:45
25-Aug Assembly Tivo Sara Pascoe Vs History Com 20:15 21:15
25-Aug Pleasance Green Sarah Benneto’s Funeral Com 22:00 23:00
25-Aug Cowgatehead Late Night Dark Show Com 23:15 00:15
25-Aug Bobs Bookshop IndieRound with Bob Slayer & Tim Fitzhigham Com 00:20 02:20

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