19th August 2015 – Edinburgh Day 7

Last full day…

I was supposed to go to a show at the Greenside but went to the wrong Greenside venue. Several people told me later I had made a lucky escape. As it was I detoured to the Counting House for…


A strange but lovely endearing show. Toby Adams has put together a beautiful homage to the hobby of fishing. While I do not like the thought of fishing from an animal rights stance, there was something magical about this. You should all go. Next door to the Blind Poet for…

Now Comedy 2

Another early day showcase. Apart from Pam Ford and Alexander Henry Buchanan Dunlop another purely there for filler purposes. To the Gilded Balloon next for…

Maddy Anholt: Diary of a dating addict.

Seen many shows about dating, enjoyed this which focused on four specific dates. More a showcase of character comedy than anything else. Previous reviews had led me to believe a lot more audience interaction would be happening. Good but not as good as I expected. Next to the Pleasance for…

Daphne do Edinburgh

Probably the most vaunted sketch troupe in the months leading up to Edinburgh; it is clear they have a load of technical skill and some great ideas. Not a patch on Beasts or In Cahoots for me. A change of rooms at the Pleasance next for…

Sleeping Trees: Mafia

Three men and a backing band; a beautiful and hilarious theatre piece. One of the best acts at any Fringe. Always top of our list. To the Gilded Balloon for…

Amy Howerska: Sasspot.

I like Amy. Have seen her many times and hoped she would do well with her debut show. It was good and enjoyable but when she said a couple of times that she didn’t give a fuck, it was clear that she did. Hope she comes back stronger. To Assembly Hall for…

Corey White: The Cane Toad Effect

Recommended by a friend I trust. And she was spot on. Brilliant hour from a young personable guy, with a huge future in front of him.  Go see this. To the Stand net…

Nick Revell: Feminist Porno Jihadi

As always from Nick, smart political stuff. One of the best in the business and another fantastic show. FInally a taxi to Assembly George Square for…

This is Your Trial.

Late night romp where members of the audience dob in their friends and they are defended and prosecuted by comics. Tonight’s prosecutor was Daniel Sloss and defending was Deborah Frances White. All presided over by clerk Tiernan Douieb and Judge Thom Tuck. A veritable late night drunkfest! Finally stumbled into the Counting House for…

Madame Señorita; ¿Eres Tú?

Not sure what the fuck this was, but I loved this insane character who scared us, confronted us, ran around screaming and had us conga-ing into the street. Like Trevor Feelgood in the room above, a must see late night romp. Astonishing.

My shows of the day: Quivertip, Sleeping Trees, Corey White, Nick Revell and Madame Senorita

10 shows – running total 73 in 7 days.

One more part day to go them 16 hours on two Megabuses (Megabusi? Mobile shit cans?)



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